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What paint to spray kitchen cabinets?

Does anybody know what paint cabinet makers use on their production lines?


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There are so many possibilities as to what the finish is. Wood look would be stained and then clear coated. Some the the white are a plastic type finish like formica. If you could take a picture of what you are asking about I am sure that the contributors will try their best to help you. Your question is just to broad for a down pat answer. Different manufacturers use different finishes. You would not be able to find it in a can at the local paint store.

If you are looking to redo the cabinets you have, there is a TON of information available on the search on this site on how to paint cabinets. If you are only looking for touch up we would need to know what you have now before answering further questions.

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generally speaking, most larger companies use a post catalyzed conversion varnish. That means you have to add a "hardner" to the paint/clear to make it cure. Typically you have around 8 hours after adding catalyst to use the product, otherwise excess generally gets tossed(opinions vary on de-catalyzing/recycling).

Some larger shops, and most smaller shops tend to use a post cat or pre-cat lacquer. Simply put it needs air to dry, is catalyzed at the factory/store, and you have a 3-6 month shelf life(according to the manufacturer, but well kept they last much longer) with the precat, and up to a month on some post-cats.

A few shops are starting to use water based products to go more "green", and most companies make a nice water product to spray now. Just doesnt have the same feel when done so we dont use it unless requested.

Pros and cons:
The lacquers are easier to work with overall, and leave you with less waste at the end of the day. Lacquer also "melts" back into the coat beneath it, while conversion varnish must be scuffed between coats no matter what. Touch up is easier with lacquer. Conversion varnish used to be tougher, but the lacquers they are making now days are quite comparable. Lacquer will be more susceptible to chemicals damaging it. Lacquer thinner or nail polish remover will damage lacquer, but I've had no damage pouring some of each on a conversion varnished table. Conversion varnish wont yellow over time, while a lot of lacquers(nitros) do. Conversion cures ~85% in 2 days, where lacquer takes weeks to get full durability.

Phew, I think that's most of it.

My shop uses a pre-cat mostly, and conversion on counter tops, table tops, and bar tops. Wouldnt change any time soon either.
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