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heidimae0325 01-07-2013 03:21 PM

What paint can i use over previously painted concrete walls
Just moved into a new place a few months back,landlord said the had been a little stream that had run threw the basement before from the far east concrete wall over to the drain, said he only knew of it happening a couple times. I have never seen it happen but there was blackish spots on concrete (previously painted concrete) and paint chipped off, appearance of possible mold. Kids hve been sick lots so doc's thought maybe its from our basement. Had it pressure washed 5 days ago (and sanitized with a mold killer) but not all the paint came off, planned on painting with drylock but after much research it says to only do that to bare concrete? We have a Diamond vogel store near by their rep said we would be fine with their PermAcryl Interior Latex Enamel, Eggshell but it didnt say anything about mold, mildew resistant...Anybody have any insight as what i should buy wanna get this going tonight-tomarrow?!?! And want to buy something that will keep the mold/mildew away?...? We do have a dehumindifer and it is been at around 35% moisture down there. HELP (don't have the time, to strip all old paint either, so thats not an option) Thanks!

joecaption 01-07-2013 03:46 PM

Dri-Lok can not be used on a floor.
No amount of paint or coating will stop water from coming in.
It's all done outside.
Gutters, grade running away from the foundation, french drains, no mulch pilled up againt the foundation, no floower beds up againts the fondation ECT.

heidimae0325 01-07-2013 03:58 PM

I know we have addressed any issues that might let water come in and are doing some outside work this spring but now we want to get the inside done, now that we got it sanitized, just wondering what is the best paint to use that would go over some pre exsiting paint (most has been pressure washed/scrubbed off but there is still quite some left) and i dont know the first thing about paint. Do we need a mold/mildew branded paint? Are they all the same? Is anything that says its for concrete acceptable? I am wanting info on the walls-the floor wil be next but i will need advice for that too. It had tile (an adehisve kind i believe) i was able to peel much up or scrape rest up with shovel but even after a intense cleaning and pressure washig the floor still is black with white outlines of where the tiles laid not sure what that would be how to get it up or if anything can be applied over it? Just looking for any advice on all of it :)

chrisn 01-07-2013 05:04 PM

I am confused, walls, floors?
Go to the local Sherwin Williams and or Ben Moore and tell you're story, they can help.

heidimae0325 01-07-2013 07:12 PM

Sorry if i am confusing everyone. We plan to do walls and floors, but walls 1st. I do not have any local sherwin willams-only thing local is Diamond Vogel, which is a store that i am unfamilar with, the sales lady/rep their told me i would be fine with there PermAcryl Interior Latex Enamel, in an Eggshell which i had never heard of and was just looking for other peoples opinions, i figured there has to be some people who have been in our postion before-I mean does any paint matter to keep it from getting more mold and mildew down there?

Gymschu 01-07-2013 07:19 PM

There is no paint in existence that can prevent mildew. The only cure for that is to thoroughly clean it off the walls and alleviate the source of the moisture causing the mildew. If you can't address the source you have to find a way to keep air flowing in the moist area, i.e. with a fan or install a dehumidifier. If you take these steps you can limit or eliminate the mold growth. If your basement has occasional water cascading down the walls your landlord needs to address the problem with exterior drains or unplugging any interior drains. Heck it might just be clogged gutters on the building and water is running down the outside walls.

Brushjockey 01-07-2013 07:24 PM

Before painting you need to kill the mold.
This is not always easy. some say that a chlorine bleach/water solution will do it, others will say that you need special chems. Either way- paint will not solve mold problems alone.
Do a google for killing mold. You will see many opinions- weed through it and do what is feasible for you. But do not just paint over it.

What paint is almost secondary. Since it is already painted it is kind of an easy project. But the mold is a different matter..

Grants Painting 02-08-2013 12:51 PM

Your going to have to strip the paint where it is peeling and where there is mold and mildew issues

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