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Jeff - I'm not fond of the flat/matte look. At least not the ones that I've seen. They've always been traps for dirt etc. Maybe when the kids are older. Nice analogy with the cars though. I chose eggshell.

7.62 - *sigh*...I know you are right. Funny thing is the furniture is already placed in there so I need to move it anyways. At least it's just a crib and dresser for now. They did a crap job with the drywall - lots of screw pops, terrible seam feathering even on the taper joints, sanding with what appears to be 40 grit screens with nothing finer. A job so terrible in at least 4 houses I guess the drywall company has been fired. A lot of work I would just assume let the builder fix at the 11-month mark, mainly because I don't know what other issues will pop up after a season of weather changes. Maybe it's just me being lazy now.

I stopped by S-W today to grab a couple things and saw their 35% off sale, didn't even need to buy a bucket. :D Their extension poles were on sale too so I picked up a Purdy 4-8' for $19 to go along with the 2-4' one I got before.

Starting Sunday through the start of April, they will be having a 30% off sale on paints, and the weekend of April 11th, paints will be 40% off.


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I'd assume 7.62 is right in that sense - SW and BM certainly have more specialty types of paints (or just more lines of paints in general) than Behr or Valspar. Behr has basically 2 interior wall paints, whereas SW probably has about 10.
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Originally Posted by ToolSeeker View Post
OK I tried to stay out of this, really I did.
I am fortunate in within 20 miles of me I have Sherwin Williams, Ben Moore, Porter/PPG, Clark&Kensington, Color Place, Valspar, Olympic, Pratt & Lambert, and Behr. Oh and I guess Kilz. Let me go 1x1.
1. Sherwin Williams- I cannot say I have used all of their paints. I really like their upper end paints Super Paint, Cashmire, Ext. Duration, Really even ProMar 200. I hate some of their contractor grades.
2. Ben Moore- Really like most of their paints. Same as for SW some of their lower end paints leave something to be desired.
3. Porter/PPG- Have not used a lot of their paints. What I have used would be described as their better lines. Would like to try their Breakthough.
4. C&K- Was really pleasantly surprised thought it was a good paint with good coverage.
5. Color Wheel- Garbage when SW made it, worse now that PPG has the contract.
6. Valspar- The one sold at the blue store is OK It is my understanding the have a better grade that Ace is going to replace Ben Moore and C&K with. have not used the new line.
7. Olympic One- Just used it a couple weeks ago, hated it, the coverage was really bad.
8. Pratt & Lambert Really good paint but pretty pricey.
9. The dreaded Behr and yes Jeff I have used every line of their paint except Marquee. In my opinion they are an OK paint not really a good paint but their are a lot worse out their. Their ext. paint really sucks it fades really bad. Again I am in Fla so the summer sun is brutal. I used to like their trim paint the ulra white and used it on trim in the gloss really liked the sheen. But on some homes I went back to later the sheen had faded to where it was like a satin.
10. Kilz paint I have not used.
These opinions are based on my exp. If you wish me to elaborate on any left me know.
Do you have a preference between Super Paint vs. Duration? I live in Florida just south of Saint Augustine, house is stucco and have been leaning toward either of those two paints. Thanks for your opinion.
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Treating Lead and or Removing?

If your dealing with Lead Paint in your old home you have other options to actually treat and or remove.

Last edited by beenthere; 03-28-2014 at 01:12 PM. Reason: Removed all references to his product and company.
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I've only used one type of paint so far, that I can remember what it is. Anything else I have used, was years ago and I don't remember.

Allen & Roth Valspar. Painted a room with it 2 weeks ago, and have no complaints so far. I don't have children or pets, so it should hold up just fine.
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I have used a lot more super paint than duration. Super paint is my go to.
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Solids pct. and film thicknesses

Here are some statistics I've collected on the percent by weight of solids and the dry film thickness of several exterior paints, before tinting, water-base except SWP and flat sheen except where noted.

Valspar Ultra 48% 1.7 mil
Valspar Duramax 58% 2.1 - 2.5 mil
Valspar Primer 53% 1.5 mil
Valspar Fence & Barn
24% 0.6 mil
Olympic Icon 48% 1.4 mil
Olympic One 55% 1.6 mil
SW A-100 52% 1.2 mil
SW Super 54% 1.6 mil
SW Resilience 57% 1.56 mil
SW Duration 52% 2.2 - 2.6 mil
SW Emerald 51% 2.1 - 2.5 mil gloss
SWP 66% 2.1 mil gloss
BM Ben 1.3 mil
BM Aura 2.1 - 2.9 mil
BM Moorlife 1.9 mil
BM Regal Select 2.3 mil
Porter Acri-Shield 50% 1.4 mil
Porter Permanizer 58% 2.2 - 3.1 mil
Porter Acri-Pro 52% 1.4 mil

The better paints in each line show more than 2 mil thickness. The percent solids don't seem to indicate quality, except that the Fence and Barn paint is evidently watered down by half. From these figures, there's nothing to choose between the top-line paints by brand. The cheapest
SW and Benjamin Moore are the two worst house paints in the list, again on the figures only.

I was unable to find the technical data for Glidden, Behr, or Color Place. I expect all the $25/gal. paints are nearly the same. I seem to have wasted five dollars in getting Valspar Ultra instead of Olympic One, though.

As for expertise, I've had the stupidest advice from the SW color desk at
their 800-number. In fact, I've had no useful advice from anybody. I've bought 23 samples in an attempt to find a good gold paint for a tall Victorian house. Funny how the chips don't come close to the actual color. More funny how SW can't match one of their own colors from 1981 (the date of Dr. Moss's Century of Color with the SW brochure tipped-in).

Oh well, the authentic original color of the house was just as horrible as the wallpaper.

Don't expect to make a wonderful color scheme on your computer and be able to get paint to match.


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