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tuffluck 12-21-2010 10:42 PM

what to do about this wall color
i posted this in interior decorating, but can easily see how this could be answered in this forum also.

i have a living/dining room that is about 35 feet in length, and approximately 18 feet in width, with a separating fireplace about midway in that sticks out about 3 feet from the wall.

the entire wall--all 35 feet--on the fireplace side is basically baby blue in color. on the other side it is your standard apartment off-white like color. the fireplace hearth is black marble, and that even extends around the base of the fireplace by approximately 1.5 feet out. the floor is lightly stained wood (looks a lot like bowling alleyway wood color). i have a very modern charcoal gray couch, a black entertainment center/TV, and a black/stained (cherry wood) dining room table. all of my picture frames are black also, and i'm sure the eventual coffee table will be a combination of black and glass.

we were hoping navy/black pillows on the gray sectional would pull all of the colors in our room together, plus some gray curtains (at the end of the long room there are two doors that lead to a useless porch, so we are planning around them as if they are windows). the baby blue though is limiting the navy/black pillow idea on the couch.

i really, really want to paint the baby blue a darker blue, almost navy. i hate, hate, hate the baby blue. i think my room as a child was baby blue, so i feel like i'm in a kid's room with the wall that color. but my girlfriend thinks that navy is too dark and when the sun is down it's going to look more black than anything. she agrees to about 2 shades darker than the current color, but i still feel what she is tolerant of is still considered a baby blue shade, just darker than the original. i don't think it's worth the trouble to paint 2 shades darker.

so at this juncture our compromise is to try and work around the room with the colors as they are. so, that means leaving the baby blue accent wall baby blue.

can you guys suggest anything for us to do to neutralize or blend that color wall with the rest of our furniture? maybe certain color accent pillows for the couch or a rug, etc? i am partial to dark themes, she is not. we just want to find something that works at this point. since we have modern furniture, i feel like our colors need to correspond to that theme also, i just don't know how to do it. any help would be great! thanks.

gma2rjc 12-22-2010 12:03 AM

If you have a few pictures, that would help a lot.

tuffluck 12-22-2010 10:43 AM

here is a link. this is kind of weird but the only pic i have is with the front of the couch and the back wall. the back wall is actually the white one, and the one in front of the couch extending 35 feet is the light baby blue. but since i only had this pic, i went to sherman williams visualizer and found a similar color to what we have on the other wall. this picture at least gives you the idea of the couch/floor/wall colors together.

i did a dark blue and it was pretty gross. though i did like the mahogany i did. my girlfriend just doesn't want dark colors, though i don't know why. she says it will make the room look smaller, though i'm not real concerned with making a 35 foot room smaller. thanks for any help.



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