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wavy roller

I just finished a job using a pro mar 200 low sheen over a previously flat painted surface. I don't understand why the roller is "wobbly" or "wavy" as I bring it down the wall. It is fine going up. It is a relatively new roller cage, not a cheap one. I used it last week on another job and none of these issue. It's screwed tight onto the extension pole. The cover is tight on the cage, and even when I used it without the pole in a tight corner, the wavy action still occurred. It isn't a big problem, but it shouldn't be a problem at all. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


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wavy roller

Could be a flat spot on the nap. Try a new cover.


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wavy roller

Could also be a problem loading it up with paint. It's not unusual to get paint loaded up on one side and not so much on the other side. You really gotta lube that thing up so the paint is evenly distributed throughout the nap of the roller before taking it to the wall. I'm sure you know this info, but sometimes when we are in a hurry we forget.

It also could be that you're using too thick of a nap for a flat wall. 1/2 inch max for flat walls. Just a few thoughts.
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wavy roller

New roller cover should solve the problem. Could be you didn't get all the paint out from the last job laid it on it's side and the paint dried leaving a flat spot.
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wavy roller

I am not a painter nor do I like to paint but it sounds like the roller is not turning freely. Maybe a glob of paint between the moving parts. You could also where dark sunglasses and stand farther from the wall.
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