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Is it a waste of money to buy high quality brushes?

I painting exterior siding. It is rough sawn pine siding. Would it be a waste of money to buy the $12-$15 brushes? Lowes and Home Depot have economy lines of poly blend brushes that run around $5 a brush.


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I don't think it's ever a waste of money to buy good quality tools because you will undoubtedly using those brushes for other painting projects. In this case, however, that rough wood is going to look like painted rough wood no matter which brush you buy, so I could understand you're opting for a less expensive brush to paint it.

What you should keep in mind is that thinning your paint (with Floetrol for latex paints and Penetrol for oil based paints) helps in slowing the drying time of the paint, and that allowing the paint to self level much better. People often think that the cure to brush strokes is buying a better brush, but you can eliminate them far better by thinning your paint a bit than buying a better brush. Thinning not only allows the paint to flow more quickly to form a smoother surface, it allows more time for the paint to flow before it becomes too viscous to flow.


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I would say buy one of each, cover open ground and cutting in next to trim and see which one holds more paint, flexes better without getting sloppy, pulls a better edge next to trim, and which tires your arm and hand more at the end of the day.

Consider the cost of two brushes a cheap education.

The only time I buy cheap brushes is when I have a small job where quality is not critical, i.e. more utilitarian than professional and I will most likely throw the brush away after the job, or when someone else will probably want to borrow it.
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