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Walls and Trim: Which Do you Paint First (or Both at the Same Time)??

Somehow I have in my mind that that walls get painted before trim.
After priming of walls and trim is complete, then caulking: around baseboard/wall molding, window and door frames. THin bead, rubbed off with finger/damp towel. Allow caulk to dry a couple hours (paintable latex "Alex Plus"). Walls get painted two coats. Then trim get painted two coats.
I do not think I will do any taping at all: I'll be cutting in with the brush.

Or, is it easier to do trim first?
Of course, I'm sure there's many ways to skin the cat, but what are the advantages to a specific order of attack? How do you do it?


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Up to you. I was taught to do the walls first, then the trim and this is still how I do it. Most painters do just the opposite.


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I spray all my trim first. Then paint the walls. Caulk the trim. Touch up the trim after installation and after filling nail holes
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I would say it depends on how good you are with a brush. A little over onto the trim is going to be less noticeable that a little over on the wall simply due to the wall surface faces you directly where the trim is in line with how you generally will be viewing it and less visible.
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I use to do the walls first then the trim, but doing it that way takes more time, because your cutting into the wall twice and I've found it easier and faster to cut the wall into the trim. Through trying different ways I've found that doing all of your prep work first, then apply one coat to the walls, then two coats to the trim, and then your final coat to the walls. I have found this method to be the easiest and most efficient with 0-very minimal touch up in the end this is how I show my guys how to do it now as it seems to be the fastest. Everyone has there own system of painting and this one works for me.
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I will do windows and doorframes first just so you don't have to cut in the 1/2" that they stick out after the walls are done. Baseboard should always be done last due to splatter.
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I was taught to do walls first and then trim but I don't do it that way anymore. I caulk, then do the trim, and then cut the walls into the trim. It is faster and as mentioned I find it easier to cut into the trim than to try to cut thin edges on doors, windows and tops of baseboards into the wall. I also don't have to worry so much when feathering the finish. If I hit the wall in a few places, it will cover with the wall paint. I don't find baseboard splatters to be much of an issue but I use decent paint. I don't use tape much.


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