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Aqua 04-06-2011 12:10 AM

Wallpaper removal or primer? Should I put up new wallpaper instead?
I have a great steamer, and the top layer of wallpaper & the border are coming off just fine. (Still time consuming, but no big deal.) However, underneath these, someone stupidly attached the wallpaper to the drywall.

(It's also not just one full layer they attached. There's one color on the top and one on the bottom, with a small gap in between the two.)

So, given this, I'm thinking it'd be easier to remove the top layer, then wallpaper over it? Instead of painting. Assuming I can find wallpaper which is decent looking (very neutral and doesn't look cheap, something like newer hotel rooms have, with a nice texture but almost looking like paint). I'm sure everyone hates wallpaper in this forum, but I am forced to renovate this room pretty fast & need to keep the budget low.

Or, if going with paint, what's my easiest route that isn't going to raise the cost much? I'm thinking remove the top layer and border which are peeling off a bit (mostly the border) and try to keep the bottom wallpaper affixed (seems easy, from the part I already did), then do joint compound in that gap, then oil based primer.

So I have to wait a day or more for the joint compound to dry, then a day or more for the primer to dry, right? Does it have to be an oil based one?

Thank you for any advice!

Edit: I tried getting the bottom layer off in one spot. And ruined the drywall and am confused. It seems like any method would ruin the drywall. Read some web page that said it can be done, but in my situation I'm doubtful. So I'd rather avoid that.

chrisn 04-06-2011 04:36 AM

Sounds like you have it right:yes:
Not EVERYONE hates wall paper!:no::laughing:

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