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saggdevil 05-31-2009 05:24 PM

Wallpaper Removal
Well now...having so much fun at this :whistling2:. The one wall in the other room wasn't so bad. Now in the's crazy. I thought I was removing just the vinyl coated paper...LOL...there's apparently 96 years worth (1913 house) of painted wallpaper including plaster repairs over top of more painted wallpaper :censored::censored:. When the repairs were done, obviously no primer was used and the wallpaper is tearing most of it off. No problem as I can fix that :censored: along with all the other areas needing repair. But I'm not sure anything was used on the plaster walls before the first paper. There are areas that the paper has peeled all the way to the plaster, but most areas are still the backing cover. So I'm wondering if the w/p removal solution will take this off okay if it wasn't primed. Almost every wall in my house is painted over wallpaper and I have 12 rooms in this place with 10-12ft ceilings. The closets even have wallpaper in them OMG and even on some of the ceilings. Apparently all the previous owners were too :censored: lazy to ever properly clean a wall to paint. I have to wonder what all these crazy people were drinking on that big front porch when this work was going on, LOL.

chrisn 06-01-2009 04:31 AM

It was very common back in the teens and 20's to wall paper everything, including ceilings. I have removed countless rolls of paper off of ceilings in my city( Hagerstown,MD). The good news is that ANY and all wall paper can be removed from plaster fairly easily.Back then they used to (size) the plaster with a watered down glue which they also used to hang the paper. Any of your commercial removal solutions will break down this glue if the directions are followed. In 30 years in this business I have never come across any paper that would not come off of plaster walls and ceilings. I have come across situations where some homeowner has applied super glue to seams:censored::censored: but that is a different situation.

I have found that works better than anything else out there and no I do not work for them but wish I did.

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