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JPilot77 10-04-2012 08:31 PM

Using GARDZ over exisiting paing
New to the site, I have been searching it and can't find anyone that has had a similar situation.

Here's my situation:

I removed wallpaper, used joint compound and sanded the hell out of the walls to try and remove any excess glue and smoothed over the compound areas.

I cleaned the walls to remove any dust and applied primer and it went on smooth. Then used Benjamin Ultra Spec Low Sheen on the walls, the first coat went on great, no imperfections at all. I ran a quick sand over the first coat with a 180 grit, wiped the walls down again and painted the finish coat on. All of a sudden in two small areas blisters began to appear.

I let the paint dry, probably not long enough, scraped the blisters, applied more joint compound to the craters I scraped open. Sanded the compound, cleaned it then spot primed the patches. When the primer dried I sanded a little, cleaned and spot painted over the primer. When that coat dried I did another light sand and then rolled the entire wall with the paint so I would have a uniform finish. The blisters came back, a little worse but the odd thing is, the blisters formed in new spots and not where they were previously.

I decided with that much paint on the wall I would let it sit and cure for about 10 days and now I'm ready to go back at it.

This time I plan to scrape, apply compound, sand and prime and then apply GARDZ by Zinsser to the the entire wall, trying to seal it all up. I'll let it dry a good day or so then plan to paint the wall again with the Ben Moore paint.

My question is will the GARDZ cause the paint to dry a different shade than the other walls or is it safe to put GARDZ on the existing paint and then paint over it once it's dry for a uniform finish? I will cover the GARDZ with at least another coat of paint after it dries and am nervous that the paint may not blend to the other non-problematic walls in the room that are already painted?

Thanks I appreciate anyone's help and experience and insight into this.

- J

Brushjockey 10-04-2012 09:54 PM

You are experiencing EXACTLY the reason we recommend - First- remove all the wall paper paste you can ( there are ways..) and THEN use a sealer like Gardz or oil primer to seal in any residue.
Paints with their moisture will reactivate the paste and make it blister. Sometimes even years down the road humidity will do it.
Yes- go ahead and Gardz now. Let it dry over night and then it has made the vapor barrier that you need .
Any mudding or painting after that should not reactivate paste.
Good luck !

JPilot77 10-04-2012 10:28 PM

thanks for the reply!! I'll try the Gardz, should I prime again over the Gardz or is it ok to paint over it? There's already 3 coats on the wall now.

Brushjockey 10-04-2012 10:41 PM

Gardz is a great primer itself- use your paint over it.

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