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darsunt 12-30-2006 08:32 PM

Using fiberglass filler on a balcony
I have a low spots on my decks where I want to divert water to the scuppers during the rains. I have been advised it I could fill the spots up with fiberglass filler. I have two questions.

First, I would be using fiberglass cloth, resin and catalyst as the filler, correct?

Second, I need to fill in at least 1 inch deep. Is this pretty deep for fiberglass? It seems that would be thirty or more layers of fiberglass cloth. That seems awfully messy, and heavy as well.


slickshift 12-31-2006 08:53 AM

What's the deck made out of?

I've heard of (but don't use) bondo being used on wood
I use epoxy or wood filler

Composite, I don't know
We'd probably have to move the thread into another section for that

I've never seen, or heard of, fiberglass being used on wood
It really doesn't sound right for your project

darsunt 12-31-2006 08:13 PM

I posted it in this forum because they sell fiberglass stuff in the paint department at hardware stores. I will try other forums.

The floor of the deck is some kind of waterproof fiberglass. There is a low spot I was hoping to fill.

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