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lilsis 03-26-2010 04:14 AM

Use joint compound over grooves in paneling that have already been painted ?
Hello Everyone! I hope someone here can help me out about a painting predicament. Can I use joint compound over grooves in paneling that have already been painted? Do I have to redo all of this? I filled in grooves, it was sanded down too much, but another guy painted it anyway. I want this fixed right. I have joint compound and plan on doing it myself. Do I have to resand ? Can't I just fill in where the gaps are in the grooves only. Do I need to put it all over the wall plus the grooves. Can I use caulking in a tube. Will the paint look the same. I have a semigloss. On another note: I used flat paint in the living room, kitchen and bedroom and left the grooves. However, I think I should have used satin, because the first day I put pictures up the wiring made mark on the wall. I stopped until I found out what to do about this as well. Sorry, this is really two different questions, but I was afraid I wouldn't be able to retrieve this screen and I am sleepy again, and doing things quick way...LOL. Thanks anyone to help. I can just paint on living room with flat paint with semi-gloss without sanding I think? :whistling2:

Bob Mariani 03-26-2010 06:34 PM

you will never fill paneling joints where it will last. Remove the paneling.... no choice.

AlabamaGuy 04-01-2010 12:57 PM

The flat paint will hide the most imperfections but, you'll need to spend the extra money and get a good product that you can clean those scuff marks. SW Cashmere. If you use a satin or especially a semi-gloss you'll see every imperfection on the wall. So I would'nt use the sheen for the cleanabilty here. And Bob's right those gaps are never going to be perfectand won't keep from cracking. So if that's the main issue here he's right remove the paneling. You don't need to sand the flat before painting over it but, you'll have to put a light sanding on the semigloss to remove the sheen before painting. Paint will pel if it's not a clean, dry and dull surface.

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