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speedtree 05-01-2013 10:57 AM

Treating an exterior pine wood fence
My neighbor and I plan to install a fence between our properties using pine 1x8 lumber, essentially what they use for barn siding just narrower. This is untreated so we need to paint it with something. We are thinking of a semi-transparent stain like what you would put on a deck.

Any thoughts or concerns? I am not real familiar with deck treatment so is my assumption that the stain is also the sealer and we would only need one coat per treatment application?

Thanks in advance.

ask4dan 08-21-2013 06:18 PM

OK, by now; hopefully you've had the summer to install the fence and let it 'weather' prior to application of a finish.

You're on the right track - but 2 coat it! One for color; the 2nd for durability, uniformity and weathering resistance.

user1007 08-21-2013 08:02 PM

Personally, since pine is so soft and porous, I would seal it first with something like 1:1 processed (not raw) lindseed oil and mineral spirits. Let the mineral spirits evaporate out before staining.

I fear you will find the wood otherwise just sucks up stain like a sponge. This mix will be cheaper than pigmented semi-transparent stain. Then apply your quality semi-transparent stain if that is the look you want---oil or waterbased over the sealer although I still lean toward oil for no particular reason other than better penetration mythology. It may still take a couple coats but it should not look as blotchy as not sealing first. You can, of course, buy a commercially pre-mixed sealer that should be cheaper than stain as well. Such a product will probably come with UV protection my formula will not have.

You can put a solid stain like Sherwin Williams waterbased Woodscapes, tinted to whatever color you want to if you do not want the color of the wood, stained or not, showing through a semi-transparent. No primer is required and the wood texture will still show. A semi-solid would be in between. This chart shows clear sealer through to solid stain.

I would use a nice fat nap roller cover and chase it with a wide brush. Work from both sides to catch any drips from side to side.

You will need to treat anything that comes close to ground contact with a preservative or the bottoms of your pine fence boards will rot or otherwise decay in record time. The other solution is to keep them away from the soil if you can stand the gap.

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