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cougar01 10-14-2012 09:26 PM

Touch Up Paint on Wall
Painted my son's bedroom with a blue satin finish latex paint. I let the paint "dry" for a few days, before "touching up" a small section on 1 of the walls that didn't cover well. After the touched up area dried, I ended up with what looks like lap marks around the perimeter of the area that I repainted. Upon closer look, you can see the texture difference along the perimeter. It stands out like a sore thumb when light hits that area at the right angle. How do I go about fixing this? I know I will probably need to sand lightly with a sanding sponge to "smooth out" the lap marks, but how do I prevent it from happening again?

DannyT 10-14-2012 11:00 PM

did you touch up with a roller or a brush? using a brush over an area that was rolled you will notice. if i touch up with a brush i get the paint on the wall and then use the ends of the brush in a stabbing motion to kinda texture the touch up so it blends in better where the roller texture is and doesn't leave brush marks. did you apply 2 coats of paint like you should have?

Gymschu 10-15-2012 06:44 AM

Nearly impossible to touch up a wall with sheen. Heck, it's even tough to touch-up a FLAT wall. Most of the time you have to redo the whole wall to make it look right. If you can live with a spot THAT ONLY YOU WILL SEE you will be fine.

user1007 10-15-2012 09:05 AM

You also have the sheen on two curing cycles. You might let them catch up with each other to see what you really have.

You did stir the paint thorougly before attempting the touch up right?

One thing to thing about for next time? Wrap your roller cover tightly in plastic wrap or a shopping bag and stick it in the frig until you are absolutely sure you are finished with your paint job. This will keep the paint in the roller cover from curing and save you from having to load a fresh roller cover. You can take it out, warm it up and know you have the same texture as the last time you used the roller cover this way.

I also have trouble justifying the amount of fresh water it takes to rinse out a contractor grade roller cover.

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