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chrisusvi1 07-27-2007 08:26 PM

tips to become a pro painter
I am thinking about be a pro painter in my area and am wondering if there is someone who is a pro painter to help with how to estimate jobs. A few other tips would be helpful.
I've been painting on and off for about 15 years now and I just charged by the hour plus paint & materials. I would need to estimate by job now. What are some tricks to estimating so I won't run into any problems while the job is proceeding.

thanks for any help.


HiFi 07-29-2007 12:34 AM

I am not a pro.But I can tell U an easier advice,get a friend to another local PRO painter and ask him how he estimates the paintings.That will give a better idea for U on how to charge ;)

AtlanticWBConst. 07-29-2007 05:53 AM

Check out these two sites and do searches. Questions on how to do estimates have been discussed before on them:

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