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Originally Posted by Shpigford View Post
Sorry for the lack of info. Shows our experience (or lack of) with this.

We have both painted rooms in a house before but never an entire house...just a single room here, a single room there. And yes, we've painted together before.

It will not be furnished and we'll be taping off everything under the sun (trim included).

For the most part everything will be a mid-tone beige color. There will be one wall that is a blue color and another room that will be an entirely different color altogether (not sure what yet).

Baths - yes. Kitchen - no.

Hope that helps.
No one wants to make a committment to guess the time it will take the two of you.

I'm fairly sure it won't happen in two days. More like the 5 days you mentioned. I can give you some tips to make it go faster.

Rather than dropping off all the rooms, just use runners along the walls and stay on them.

When painting a closet, walk into the closet and turn around. Do that header wall first, trust me.

Use tape. I realize this is a new home and you want to get in asap. After it closes, but before you move in, you're carrying two house pmts. This is why I suggest using tape. You're familiar with and can do it faster than cutting in. It also allows you to lay on more paint quicker. If you want to get it in one coat make sure your cut ins cover the first time around and use a razor knife to cut the tape before pulling it.

Use your own discrestion on the number of coats. If you get a good paint and it covers, then use one coat. On very dark colors, like a dark blue, definatley prime. Any reds need gray primer first.

The house already has a primer and 1 1/2 to 2 coats of paint. Your paint color may cover in one coat, but, keep an eye on the finish. The new construction paint is flat. Sometimes, on new construction, the flat paint will pull moisture out of your paint at an uneven rate, leaving flat spots or an uneven finish. If you use flat paint, you will have a better chance of gettting it done in one coat. If you use satin, eggshell or any other sheen, make sure you use plenty of paint on the first coat.

Except with deep colors, those are best applied in thin coats, lots of dry time in between coats.

I could go on and on and , but hopefully the tips will help you get moved in quicker. It's not the painting that will slow you down, it's fixing screw ups that will slow you down.


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If it will be new "builder's white" paint up there, no need to primer

Tough to give an exact estimate on time though
#1) Not enough info on stuff being painted
#2) Not enough info on painters

It's just that I've seen DIYers take 8 days to do what would have taken me 9 or 10 hours....there's just no way to tell what your production rates are from here

But as there is (should be) absolutely no prep on this finished new const. (if it was done right), like repairs, or furniture, sanding, cleaning...you really should be able to get two "rooms" per person per day w/o trouble
If that's one person doing two coats in one room, or two people doing one coat four rooms....know what I mean?
Obviously a 5 x 8 bathroom will take less time than an open entrance foyer w/cathedral
But really, this is a dream job and you should be able to burn through it with minimal problems slowing you down
However I've seen DIYers that couldn't get one coat one room done in days
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just paint the walls slamming evr so neatly the ceilsing one wall at a time and put some paint on that roller and backroll for those missed holidayz,wipe base as needed should take two coats 4 days and call me to do the trim,lol


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