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Thompson's vs Cabot Clear Solution

I am putting T1-11 fir siding on my new home. I'm debating about what to seal it with. I've had good luck with Thompson's on a deck that we built about 15 years ago and only coated it once. It's still in good shape. However, that was all treated lumber. The other product that has been recommended to me is Cabot Clear Solution or Australian Tree Oil (both of which are more expensive than the Thompsons).

I've been told repeatedly that we will have to reapply waterproofing to this siding on a regular basis. Which product will have the best longevity? Is the Cabot's product worth the extra $?

I don't care if the wood grays some over time as long as it grays evenly. (I don't like wood siding that I've seen on other homes that turns really dark, almost black, in some places but retains more of the original wood look in others (usually the protected areas). We'll have 3' of overhang all the way around the house and 8' porches on two ends, so the siding will have pretty good protection from the elements.


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Cabot is worth the money.


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I agree the Cabot is well worth the money. The Australian Timber Oil is intended for use on hardwood decks and should not be used on soft woods.
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Thompsons is about as good a waterproofer as water. It is literally not worth the can they pack it in. In fact, it is so bad, Consumer Reports does not even bother to test the stuff anymore, as it came in at the complete bottom of their ratings for something like a decade.

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The Cabot products are well worth the extra money

The Thompson's is paraffin-based crap
It "might" last a year at best
Most are lucky to get a season out of it
The CCS is a quality product
The Aussie stuff is even more premium than the CCS, but is better (made for) for hard and (especially) oily woods like mahogany

Though I wouldn't have a problem putting the Aussie on fir, I'd strongly suggest the CCS
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Nothing left to Thompson's, anymore. Waterproofer does NOTHING but 'waterproof,' and Thompson's is bad at even that.

The Cabot Clear is 1-2 steps up, and will usually suffice: it contains more oil, and when you think "oil," think "food for wood."

The Aussie's the top of the line. 3 different oils (Tung, Linseed, Alkyd-- you may have heard of at least 2 of those) working together to penetrate, nutrify, and slightly stain, as well.

Sounds to me like all you need is the Cabot Clear. I love the Aussie, but I'm not sure I'd consider it "necessary" on T-111, unless you fell in love with one of the colors, for example.


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