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anniegoff 04-15-2007 02:56 PM

Taking paint OFF the ceiling!
Okay, here is the story. We live in an apartment building and we painted the walls when we first moved in. Now, we are moving out and we have to paint everything back to white. So I asked the super what color they used to paint the walls (because it didnt look pure white to me) but he tole me "white". So I bought white. Yesterday we had some friends come over to paint everything back as fast as possible, but they weren't exactly careful as they painted. And just as I suspected the white I purchased does not look like the white that is on the closets, the doors and the ceilings(we didn't paint them when we moved in). At any rate, we have paint on the ceiling and rather than paint the ceiling white, we want to remove it. Is this even possible? There is about an inch of white along the perimeter of the ceiling. PLEASE HELP! we want our security deposit back!

slickshift 04-15-2007 07:43 PM

Unfortunately, no easy way...not really
If it's a flat ceiling, you may get lucky with a remover such as Oops!, Goof Off!, or other one with a silly name
However, as it's not just a spot or two, it's a ring around the ceiling, if it even works well enough it could be way more work and product than matching the ceiling paint and "cutting in" the ceiling with a brush

I'd suggest trying to match the ceiling paint and cutting in (neatly) with a brush
"Ceiling White" can vary also, but it may be close enough

joewho 04-16-2007 03:13 PM

Try being more persistent with the painters/maintenence men. They know exactly what kind of paint is on the ceiling. Find that out, get a gallon and touch it up.

Otherwise, move your stuff out and paint the ceilings completely.

anniegoff 04-16-2007 04:09 PM

Thank you! I suppose that I should have been more persistent, it didn't even occur to me that just didn't want to look for a can to tell me the right name. We actually were able to "peel" off what was on the ceiling in the bathroom because I think they used an oil-based paint originally, and we used latex. But the bedroom is larger and more daunting.
Anyway thank you for the advice!!

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