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marathon851 10-04-2007 09:24 PM

SW Duration Home interior problems
Recently, I purchased some Duration Home Interior paint from my local Sherwin Williams store, thinking it was a top of the line paint and I'd have no problems with it. Hasn't turned out to be the case.

I painted all except for one wall of a bedroom with 2 coats of SW Harmony paint in a medium to light gray color (w/ 1 coat of P3 tinted SW Pro block primer underneath). The walls done in Harmony turned out great. The last wall has been painted with 1 coat SW P3 tinted Pro Block Primer (because the wall was originally going to be a medium-light color) and 3 coats of satin Duration Home Interior ultradeep in SW "Naval" which is a dark, sort of navy, blue. The employees I was working with at the SW store suggested that since I had already primed with the P3 tinted primer and normally they'd suggest a darker primer for such a dark top coat that the first coat of the Duration would sort of act as a primer.

After the first few rolls of the Duration (with a Purdy 1/2" nap roller), I hated the paint. The coverage was crap. The consistency was pretty watery, which I guess is normal according to the SW store manager. I had heard that you could get away with only 1 coat of duration in some cases, but after using it, I have no idea how that's possible (although I guess it depends on the color and some other factors). I put a second coat on, seeing as the first one was supposed to act more as a primer. The second coat had all kinds of roller lines/marks and just didn't cover well, which was rather disappointing. I expected much more, especially when they're charging about $45 a gallon.

After the second coat I didn't have enough left for a third coat so I went to the SW store and talked to the manager about my problems. She was insistent that if I put a third coat on, I'd be completely happy with the results. She mixed up a quart of the same paint and added it to what I had remaining. She also gave me a Sherwin Williams brand Sherfab roller pad (1/2" nap), explaining that its "non-directional" so it wouldn't leave marks on the wall no matter which way you roll it...I'm not quite sure why ALL roller pads wouldn't be this non-directional type, but oh well.

The third coat, using the supposedly non-directional roller pad still has marks all over. I've tried painting in a V pattern, M pattern, an all direction pattern-as it instructed on the sherfab package (but still finishing all in one direction) and none of those techniques seem to work.

So...changing rollers didn't really help, and I had the same issues with the new batch of paint that the manager gave me...I'm not sure what the problem is. We've painted just about every room in every house we've owned at one point or another and this has been the worst experience I've had.

Does anyone have any sort of recommendations on whether or not I should try another coat of the same paint or switch to a different paint? And if I should switch, what paint would you suggest? What roller?

Thank you in advance for any input.

poppameth 10-05-2007 05:57 AM

We carry Pratt and Lambert Accolade, which is a very similar product to SW Duration. P&L is owned by SW as well. Accolade is likewise quite runny when you get into the darker colors. I'm not to fond of it either in these cases. I have never had an issue with coverage when using Accolade though, even with higher sheens that have less solids in them. I usually roll it on with a 3/8" Pro Doo-Z lint free cover. Never had issues with lapping either but I haven't done much in it with darker colors.

slickshift 10-05-2007 07:29 AM

I don't use Duration for interiors, so I can't comment on that
But I can tell you I've used Ben Moore Regal for decades with never such a problem
No problems with deep blues and other tough colors (though over white they might take 3 coats)

Purdy makes a number of roller sleeves, I'd recommend the White Dove as a minimum (50/50 wool/poly even better w/o breaking the bank)

As for "non-directional"
SW employees/management are fond of the "you can say that...." sales training
"If a customer has this complaint, you can say that...."
Well, you can say a lot of things
It doesn't make it true or a solution
Maybe it's a marketing term, or perhaps there is even a little truth to it on some molecular level
But I can say (that after 20 years) that's a new one on me

I'd recommend not continuing with the product that has been giving you trouble
I've nothing against SW, and use and recommend some of their products
But obviously you've successfully painted other walls, you probably have the technique down enough that it's probably not you or your equipment

I'd head over to the Ben Moore dealer and they can match the color in a Regal...or possibly even the new Aura (which may be a consideration for your project here as it doesn't require you maintain a wet edge-one of the top 5 causes of roller marks...discuss it with the Be Moore rep)

Remember not to try and squeeze all the paint out of the roller, but lay it on..."apply" it...and use a good quality sleeve
I can't see how Regal would give you problems like you are describing

sirwired 10-05-2007 09:07 AM

I'll echo that you need to let the roller do the work. If you push the roller against the wall, every dark color will give you roller marks, no matter who makes the paint. Also, that M, N, and W pattern stuff just gets your arm tired. Load up your roller, do a single floor-to-ceiling 8' stripe, backroll once or twice, and then backroll the previous stripe once.

Deep colors go on differently than more mild ones, and these sorts of problems are not unusual. For more advice, check out a sticky on this topic at the top of the painting forum on .


marathon851 10-05-2007 06:00 PM

Thank you to everyone for all of the responses. I think I'll check into Benjamin Moore and see how that goes.

DIYHelper 10-05-2007 10:17 PM

One last thing, if you still are having trouble try "finishing" with one last light stroke in the same direction over the paint, either top to bottom or bottom to top.

If you are going to use Aura, one of the main features are the flow and leveling, so our rep has told us to "paint it and walk away". Try to to keep from going back into it over and over because the paint does that work (spreading out) for you.

marathon851 10-06-2007 10:36 AM


Thanks for the advice. I think I am going to use Aura, if I can find it around here. I've only checked one place so far that carries BM but they don't have Aura. There's a couple other BM dealers so we'll see.

If not, I was thinking about trying the Regal that was mentioned by slickshift. Has anyone else had good experiences with the Regal line? I've never used any BM paint at all.

DIYHelper 10-06-2007 03:09 PM

Regal is a fantastic paint as well. Its what most Ben Moore users will use. The Aura is generally saved for places where you need outstanding hide or the client wants the absolute best. Regal is easily the bigger seller.

poppameth 10-07-2007 11:35 AM

For a DIYer I don't think Aura is the best choice anyway. There are far too many peculiarities to using it that make it a bit difficult to work with for the inexperienced. Hell, I've talked to plenty of pros that have a hard time getting use to it.

Da Vinci 10-09-2007 11:04 PM


Originally Posted by marathon851 (Post 66593)

Thanks for the advice. I think I am going to use Aura, if I can find it around here. I've only checked one place so far that carries BM but they don't have Aura. There's a couple other BM dealers so we'll see.

If not, I was thinking about trying the Regal that was mentioned by slickshift. Has anyone else had good experiences with the Regal line? I've never used any BM paint at all.

Don't use Aura- if you're having problems, use the Regal Brand - it's far better, easier to use and will give you great results. Aura is over priced and oversold in my opinion. We use regal all the time- you'll like it if you try it.

Bay ARea Painting Contractor

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