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davej77 04-29-2013 02:09 PM

SW All Surface Enamel Latex Primer
Have any of you used Sherwin Williams' All Surface Enamel Latex Primer? I am interested in hearing the opinions of those of you who have a lot of experience with water-based primers.

I am using it on bare poplar for baseboards and crown molding.

I ran across a brief mention of this product as being a good undercoat for glossy latex enamel paint so I picked up a can at SW. The people at SW acted a little surprised that I asked for it and had to get it from the back of the store. It wasn't dislayed in the front of the store.

I really like this primer. Goes on easily, dries quickly, sands well and covers nicely. Just wondered why it seems to be a big secret and I never hear the professionals talk about using it.

user1007 04-29-2013 04:20 PM

You picked an excellent product although time will tell if it is the best choice for raw wood that was not sealed. If you feel up to an extra step you could mix equal parts processed---not raw---lindseed oil and mineral spirits and apply it as a sealer for what you have left. Then, when the mineral spirits have evaporated, use the underlay/primer and finally your finish coats.

The All Surface Enamel Latex Primer falls into a category of primer and underlay and is great for applying enamels like semi-gloss over it. This SW product offers better chip resistance than some other primers might so it is great for trim applications. While I know it says it can be used on new wood it is really designed to sit on the surface so it does not get absorbed into the wood grain like some other products would.

I guess you had to ask for it because primer/underlays do not get hyped as much as they should. You will like the experience of using such a product under your finish coats. They should glide right over it. It is not a general purpose primer like those we talk about more. As you know, the price point was higher than Zinsser multi-purpose and multi-surface primers as well. Well worth it for your trim if you can afford it and products like it from other companies.

davej77 04-29-2013 04:59 PM

Sdsester, thanks for the thorough reply. Sounds like you know your stuff. I'll look into the oil and spirits technique.

I am applying very thin coats of this primer with a 1/4 inch foam roller and laying off with a soft brush. I do notice the first coat raises the grain, as to be expected with poplar, so the first coat requires sanding but this primer sands out easily with 220 - it's not at all chalky like some common primers. I don't know if the grain raising is a sign that it is penetrating some.

The second coat thin coat is very smooth and I'm giving it just the most superficial of sanding. The result of the two thin coats is a perfectly opaque and smooth surface that looks as a good enough to use as-is. The Pro Classic, on the other hand, is hard as heck to brush but really looks great over the All Surface once you learn how to apply it.

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