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B Rich 05-17-2013 04:19 AM

Stucco Patch and Paint Repair
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Morning Team,
My new paint related project, now that the weather is getting better (and round one mosquito hatch seems to be calming a bit...jeesh) is to fix a couple of minor holes in the exterior of my place.
So get this, I have a stucco house in Michigan. Not the most common style of exterior here at all...
However, I know it is much more popular in warmer climates.
Problem is I have 6-8 holes ranging in inches from 2x1 to 4x4 to repair.
The cause? Woodpeckers...trying to get bugs out of my walls I guess. My property is on a heavily wooded about 2acres.

Any recommendations on how to patch these holes, and then how to try and best paint-match?
My house is tan and dark tan accents...if that even matters.

user1007 05-17-2013 10:58 AM

They sell faux stucco patch material but from experience it does not work out so well. I think learning to mix and trowel stucco is in your immediate future. Mixing it is not difficult, learning to trowel it takes some practice but thankfully you are not doing the whole house. Check the internet for stucco mix formulas and I would guess YouTube and other such places will have videos on how to do stucco repairs.

You do want to make sure you dig out anything that has been loosened by the woodpeckers and that the wire mesh or whatever they used under the stucco is intact and that you did not warp it badly getting the damaged stucco sections out of your way. If in doubt you should cut it out and fit some repair pieces of mesh and staple them in place.

Make your repairs. The process is not totally unlike plaster repairs. Then, after waiting for the stucco to cure (do not race this!), prime with an appropriate primer and apply two coats of finish.

As for matching color? If the color is in the stucco I wish you loads of luck but it sounds like your place is painted?

1. Borrow a fan deck from a real paint store and match chips visually to the surface.

2. Take a picture of the wall on a nice sunny day. Use a free pixel grabber to get the RGB color code of the wall from the image displayed to your computer screen. Take the code to (free website). Enter the code and pick a major paint company color collection. The system will kick out the four closest matches. (You should set your monitor to 6500K for viewing and evaluation color on a computer monitor. Easy RGB will let you do this per session but I would set it overall. There will be an option in your display settings for this profile.)

3. If you can get a piece of the existing wall off without creating another situation for you to patch? Take the sample to a paint store with a color scanner. They will be able to come up with a custom formula that should match your sample dead on. They will even let you name it!

Even if you get a perfect match, the wall you are repairing may have faded or otherwise weathered unevenly. So buy enough paint and plan on painting the whole thing rather than trying to blend in.

Just a horrid thought I am sure crossed your mind. Woodpeckers do not usually chase dead ends. Did you source what is hiding in your walls and attracting them? Must be quite a feast for them to do all the work of chipping through stucco.

ToolSeeker 05-18-2013 07:00 PM

From the land of stucco let me say patches never match. Even if you get the same guy they never match perfectly. The good news is yours are small enough that they shouldn,t show. The paint fans have never really worked for me when it comes to matching because of fading and weather. If you can get a paint chip from the same wall you are patching (all you need is about the size of a quarter) and take it to a place that has a paint computer and have them match the chip. Lord I hate to say this but the best place in my area is HD.

user1007 05-18-2013 07:38 PM

I have been surprised a few times to find paint stores I frequented had color analyzers since they did not promote the fact. It is worth asking the store because when I did the response was, "of course we do". I hate to think of using a Behr product because HD is the only place with an analyzer.

If you deal with a real paint store and folks that have been mixing paint for most of their career, and are not needing the paint right away. If you leave the paint piece they will match it manually for you in a day or so.

If taking a picture of the wall will not work and you have an accurate flatbead scanner? Place a piece of the painted surface on it and scan. Then take a pixel grabber to it and proceed to and march on as described above to get the four closest matches in major, real paint store, paint chip numbers and names. Sorry (not really) but the system does not translate to box store brands as far as I know.

Then go the store with a starting point at least with the paint sample material and the codes in hand. Then let the paint store folks tweak it for you. They will know what to add and subtract.

B Rich 05-22-2013 01:44 AM

That's a good idea, thank you.
I have used paint matching services before, and happen to have gutter pieces painted the exact color that would be easy enough to use for this purpose.

Also was wondering what type of material I should use to fill the holes?
Do you buy stucco like you would joint compound for drywall?

Thanks again team!

user1007 05-22-2013 07:38 AM

DAP makes several ready mix stucco patch compounds, Sakrete and others do too. Pre-mixed comes tubs like drywall mud. There are dry forms and then formulas you can make yourself from scratch. And colorants to add.
Your patches seem fairly small so maybe buy 1 quart of the pre-mix and try it. I like mixing my own to control consistency but it may not be worth the hassle for you. I do think mixing your own gives you a better chance of blending in texture but you could experiement with adding texture to the premix in your mudpan too. If you want to be true on you can mix stucco from scratch from one of the formulas online.

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