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albert 04-03-2010 04:45 AM

stucco over painted stucco problem
Hi Im new I hope someone can give me an advise on this problem that I have we purchased a house last year and we didnt like the color was green so we had a painter come to the house and gave us an estimate to repaint the house, I wanted to get a second estimate so I had a general contractor come to the house to get second estimate he told me why paint the house we can put another coat of stucco over the old one and add color and texture to it, make the house look newer I ask how long thats it last he said 10 to 15 years we just have to wash walls patch cracks and put glue on the walls so that the new stucco sticks I trusted him because he said to me we done it many times they did it I was happy whith the way the house looked, about 2 weeks after we notice the new layer of stucco in the back wall was chipping and chunks were falling off,I called the contractor they came scrape the section and patched it. 3 months later in december the patch was blistering and falling whith the rain and I notice other sections of the house the stucco was chipping also, as of today im still waiting for them to come and fix the back wall and the other sections of the house I spoke to the contractor a couple of weeks ago he told me hes going to fix those defects as he calls them but Im worried that this is going to keep on happening to the rest of the house its only been 8 months since they did the work. what should I do should I let him patch the areas or should I take him to court? I'll apriciate any coments regarding this thanks.

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