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erinherbst 07-02-2011 09:34 PM

staining a deck and sanding
Hi everyone!
I'm getting ready to prep to stain my deck tommorow.
It was stained about 6 years ago and really needs new stain!!
I'm gonna be using Cabot semi-transparent.
Anyways, My question is, if I am planning on sanding the deck, should I power wash it (with a wood stripper followed by a rinse), let dry and then sand...
or should I sand then power wash (with wood stripper followed by a rinse)??
I was planning on renting a random-orbit sander... good choice?
Also, how long should I wait between the power washin and sanding (or vice versa)? Does the deck have to be completely dry before I sand? Can i begin stainign right after sanding?
Sorry, it's alot of question to answer but I would REALLY appreciate your knowledge! Thanks a bunch! :thumbup::thumbsup:

jarheadoo7 07-02-2011 09:48 PM

power washing will raise the gain of the wood.. you should give it a good day in the sun to dry then sand.. then tack cloth the dust off.. then apply your stain.. but if you dont keep the dirt off youll be staining the dirt into the wood.. good luck!

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