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janicelitke 05-04-2013 03:57 AM

Stained wood banister Sticky
After applying the stain to my wood banister, I didn't wipe it off because I really liked the dark color. It's been 3 days and it's sticky. My question is will it eventually dry?

ToolSeeker 05-04-2013 07:39 AM

Janice you should have wiped it off, let it dry, then added a second or even a third coat to achieve the color. Stain is supposed to soak into the wood, when you apply it too heavy only so much will soak in. What may have happened is the solvent soaked in and the pigment or color parts are laying on top. What you may need to do is wipe it down with mineral spirits to get the goo off. There are guys on here who may have a better suggestion or explanation.

user1007 05-04-2013 08:07 AM

Tool Seeker is right. If using a transparent stain, you should have wiped off the excess. Let the stain dry. And then repeat until you achieved the depth of color saturation you wanted.

This was not a gel stain right? It will be much trickier to deal with it if you caked it on.

It will MAY dry eventually but as mentioned globs of pigment are now floating on top and are not in the grain where you want them. You can try to pull the excess off but be careful or you may end up with a blotchy mess. Mineral spirits or turpentine would be worth a try but start with a damp, not a saturated cloth, not a wet one and see how much comes off. You can always add more fluid.

Then, let everything evaporate and dry a few days and build up your stain to the desired density. If you don't let the solvent out you will just create a mess or likely get uneven application when you put more stain on.

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