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Fix'n it 04-28-2012 10:13 AM

spraying latex ?
i want to paint my basement block walls, black (man cave). i trying brushing = would take forever. i have a this
would it do the job ?

idk if rolling it would work = lots of blemishes.
block wall is painted white now.

joecaption 04-28-2012 10:56 AM

Personaly I would never concider spray painting in an enclosed area like that, plus it would be a pain to try and keep it off the floor.
I just use an 18" roller with 3/4 nap.

Workaholic 04-28-2012 11:10 AM

I would consider spraying it for sure if I saw the job and it made sense but I would not spray it with that tool and without picks and unsure of your experience level I would do as Joe said.

ltd 04-28-2012 11:30 AM

just roll it:) .i get that we like to buy tools:yes: ,but i think rolling it is the way to go . make sure you use a extension stick on your roller cage . o yea for me i would just use a standerd 9 inch roller with a 3/4 nap

user1007 04-28-2012 12:57 PM

You will spend as much time masking off areas you do not want to paint when spraying as you will painting by other methods. And you cannot do it well with cheap equipment so you will have to rent it. If you have not used spray equipment before? It is not rocket science but you will not have a clue when you start and may be only a way along the learning curve for one basement.

Buy thick nap roller covers and you will be surprised how fast this goes for you.

I have nothing against spraying paint but yours is not the right situation for it all.

If you do ignore advice and spray. Make sure your HVAC intakes are blocked and your system off.

Fix'n it 04-29-2012 09:00 AM

ok, i will try a heavy nap roller. but mostly, my question was "will that sprayer spray latex interier paint ?" watering down and doing 2 coats would be ok. over spray would not be an issue, as far as getting it on things.

Brushjockey 04-29-2012 09:32 AM

Most importantly- block walls are full of little holes that a spray will not penetrate. You need to actually push the paint into it- which the roller will do.
Block painting is a bit of work- but it isn't rocket science.

user1007 04-29-2012 09:37 AM

I should have posted I meant at least 1" thick nap roller covers. As said, it is not rocket science and with good paint you will be surprised at how fast this goes. It will be some work though and your wrists will hurt from the weight of the paint in the thick roller cover. Invest in a quality roller handle too. And if an extension pole is required? Get a good one that can support the roller and paint. Some paint stores will loan you nice aluminum ones.

spraygunn 04-29-2012 11:27 AM

What you're showing is an HVLP system. This system is OK for doors small furniture, etc (if it's of good quality). Spraying walls........NO. It wasn't designed for that. If you have access to an airless system, I would go with that. However others are giving you some good advice, use a roller. Even if you did spray it, I would recommend back rolling. Why do two operations when all you need is one?

Fix'n it 04-30-2012 09:20 PM

ok, guys. thanx

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