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TOTALN00B 04-24-2011 08:27 PM

Smooth walls with flat paint...looks weird to me?
I guess I'm used to seeing flat paint used on textured walls, since I'm used to 1970s style rentals here in California. So these smooth walls with flat purple-grey paint look odd to me. All the paint throughout this house is very flat, even in the bathroom. It gives the kitchen a rustic sort of look, almost like milk paint, but it's odd in the living room -- of course, maybe it's just the color. But it looks so chalky on the smooth walls. What would you all do with this living room? The beadboard is also flat paint, in a cream color. Only the door frames are glossy...

I'd like to change the main color of the living room to a teal similar to Sherwin Williams Maxi Teal SW6769, and keep the beadboard an ivory shade. Do you think I should stick with flat paint, or eggshell? Or can I mix the two throughout the house? Like what about flat on the upper walls and eggshell on the beadboards, or vice versa? Is mixing glosses and flats in different parts of the house a bad idea? Should I be consistent?
I do like the look of some flat paint, but I feel like all flat throughout the entire house looks odd. Especially the way they've painted the wardrobe and built-ins in the bedroom a flat purple (you can kind of see the wardrobe/closet through the open door in above image).

If this helps matters: the floor is currently painted black, but I plan to sand it and stain it black so the grain and imperfections show. So, the floor will have some gloss to it. See floor below for the look I am (hopefully) going for:

And lastly, do I have to primer? :pinch: Can't I just...choose a color brighter than what I want to end up with, and let the weird grey-purple underneath darken and neutralize it somewhat? OK, wishful thinking...

oh'mike 04-24-2011 09:24 PM

You are very particular about the results!! Of course you will prime and prep the walls before you paint.

The hard half of the job is done before you open the paint can.:laughing:

Sheens are commonly mixed on one wall----semi gloss or eggshell on the bead board and trim---flat or matte on the body. (not your body,the wall)


ltd 04-24-2011 09:25 PM

ok your asking. here's what i would do.flat white ceilings ,flat or no more than a satin for walls flat paint hides imperfections ,the shiner the pant the more flaws you will see.imo flat is a richer appearance.but does not clean up as good as satin .satin is best of both worlds beauty and washability. for trim and doors and bead board all the same white in a semigloss. bathrooms and kitchens all satin walls and semi trim .for me i like all painted woodwork to be consistent through out the whole house. as for primer i would just go with 2 coats top quality paint 1/2 inch purdy white dove cover and apply at proper spreed rates you will be fine.:wink:

user1007 04-25-2011 05:42 AM

Primer for sure and tint it to 40-50 percent of your paint color formula if you are sticking with deep colors or making a dramatic color change. You will really want a nice prime coat if you are going to be raising the sheen on the walls.

As mentioned, the higher the sheen the more surface defects will show but that doesn't mean you shouldn't move up to something if you want a slicker look.

Semi or higher gloss for the trim including the beadboard would be my preference.

And it is a bias, but I think white ceilings are so boring and lack imagination. They really date back almost to the old gaslight days when there was only one gas light fixture in the center of the ceiling and people wanted all the reflection they could get from the light. Sadly, we still plunk electric fixtures in the middle of the room even though it is the place where we least need the light in most cases.

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