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Netmouse 04-06-2008 09:09 AM

smoke restoration
What is the view now for what product to use? This involves a protein grease smoke fire in a kitchen (sauce pan burned up turkey / top plastic melted). Really putrid stench. Contractor used degreaser / deodorizer double strength over all surfaces. Now strong perfume smell and home owner is perfume sensitive / asthma. Afraid when perfume gone smoke may return (or not). Manufacturer recommended washing down everything with hot water, turn up house heat high (90 degrees) to open pours of walls, etc., and used activated carbon air scrubber. If that does not work use sealer / paint on surfaces. Reading some recommend Kilz Premium better than original oil based Kilz. Others saying BIN shellac is the best for odor blocking. Which today is considered best ? How many coats ? Would the steps be 1) wash surfaces with ? (TSP, hot water or ?), 2) prime with BIN or Kilz premium (how many coats?), paint (how many coats). Kitchen has white walls, dining has wall paper (should be removed? Would prefer paint).

A question is how long should a deodorizer degreaser smell (perfume) take to dissipate and disappear? Weeks? Months? Never?

Also, how much of this should the insurer cover? Are they responsible to just get the smoke out (and the degreaser / deodorizer may be the key to accompishing that in their mind), or should they pay for the above to get all scents out of the house including sealant/paint? They have now capped the remaining expenditure to $500 for completing the cleaning (trying the manufacturer's recommendation to turn up heat and turn on air scrubber with activated carbon filter for 48 hours). If that does not work, they may deny painting or the home owner has to push for it and may / may not win. What is the reality on what the insurer will cover?

THANKS in advance for your advice.

slickshift 04-07-2008 07:39 PM

Kilz will not work to seal in odors
BIN is the best for that
BIN smells pretty good (bad) itself, but dries quickly
It's used for fire damaged rooms

Nobody can say what a particular ins. co. will pay
If it's an issue, there are independent adjusters that can help get what is due (for a fee/cut)

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