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Freebmama 02-24-2009 12:49 PM

Small Paint Project turning HUGE
Hi everyone!

I am a first-time homeowner and trying to change my VERY gray kitchen and diningroom into something a little more cheerful. To give you an idea, My ceiling is a semi-gloss light gray, my walls are a satin light gray, my countertops are a speckled dark gray laminate, and my floor is a light gray linoleum.

ANYHOO, I got my test samples from Lowe's (I dont' have a decent paint store around here so Lowe's it is!) and slopped them on to a section of my wall.

Well, when I went to remove the current "chair rail" (they used regular door frame molding with shims behind it that splintered but that's a whole nother issue with the project), the paint just peeled right off the wall with the chair rail!:eek: So after a little "discovery" (read "peeling") I discovered that at some point the kitchen/diningroom was a grayish-light-pink and then the person before me painted the gray satin over top of that color, WITHOUT primering.:mad:

My dad seems to think that I need to scrape the paint down to the pink layer before I primer this time and paint. I'm hoping it doesn't involve that, but I don't want the paint peeling (I have 2 kids under the age of 5 here!). The guy at Lowe's suggested that I sand the current paint, then primer, then paint and I would be fine. Is this true? Is it that easy?

Also, we are painting the ceiling as well. Since it's a semi-gloss, do I need to sand that as well?

Thanks in advance!

Novice Do-it-yourselfer

Matthewt1970 02-24-2009 02:50 PM

It sounds like someone painted over maybe a glossy oil with latex and without the proper prep work, ya, it will peel off. You will need to get all the peeling paint off that you can. If the surface underneath is still very glossy, you may want to scuff the surface with some sandpaper and then prime with some good oil based primer. Smooth any imperfections you may need to with joint compound. Prime the joint compound with either the same oil based primer or even latex will work now, then topcoat with whatever you wish.

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