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Skim coat over oil paint

Ok, so my husband and I are fixing up our "new" 1950s-era home. Thankfully, it has drywall (not plaster) but the previous owners didn't do a whole lot to take care of it. We've been pretty successful in remodeling the entire first floor and are moving on to the second.

We've started in on the smallest of the three upstairs bedrooms. The top half of the walls were sprayed-textured paint over top of wallpaper (ick) and the bottom half were brown paneling glued (think gobs of wood glue) to the painted drywall (double ick). We scraped off most of the painted wallpaper then got the rest of it and the residue off by scrubbing with a wallpaper remover solution. My husband then sanded the burrs and knocked down the glue on the bottom before I started in on the first skim coat. Once I finished skim coating the walls, I started in on the ceiling. On my first swipe, I realized we had a big problem.

At this point, nothing should surprise us anymore, but the hits just keep on coming. The previous owners had put white latex paint over the beige oil-based paint on the ceiling. No primer. The only redeeming factor is that it scraped off relatively easy (easier than the wallpaper, anyways...getting it wet with plain water made it easier... ceilings just suck). Now that I've skim coated the walls, I'm realizing that the paint on the walls (think a cross between puke green and pee yellow) is probably oil as well and my skim coat may not stick so well.

So here's the question: do I need to wash off all the existing joint compound and scrub with a deglosser before priming and starting the skim coat again or will the scrubbing with wallpaper glue solvent solution and sanding have done the trick? Once I scrub the last bits of latex off the ceiling, its actually in better shape than I thought so I don't think I'll need to skim, just a couple minor touch ups. Will a standard bonding primer do the trick or do I need to do more prep?


(Just a note, I'm skim coating the walls because there's 60+ years of dings and dents and a couple more we added from scraping the wallpaper. We also replaced some of the drywall in one corner because it had too many holes to try to salvage. As I learned from the downstairs guest room, just patching here and there, then priming and painting leads a "shiny" spots on the wall where the patches are smoother than the surrounding rollered-on paint, even after a few coats. I skim coated the living room and foyer with great results and I'm going to stick with what works.)


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If you got all the paste off the walls and sanded them, you should be OK. For the ceilings a good bonding primer first is called for, unless you WANT to sand them


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