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pinkfloyd43 11-12-2012 09:01 AM

Sherman Williams SuperPaint
I had purchased a gallon of SW SuperPaint, Interior Acrylic Latex, about 6 months ago as they were able to match perfectly the color that I needed to touch up. Grabbed it today and noticed on the can 'Self Priming' and was thinking that what I have read here is no such thing? If I recall it was about $40 a gallon. I loved the paint and it indeed matched 100%!

I am getting ready to paint completely the kids room, yahoo they are gone, and wondered should I get the same paint or is it the marketing
BS again?


Gymschu 11-12-2012 09:58 AM

SuperPaint actually was one of the first paints to tout "self-priming" although SHERWIN-Williams never really marketed it as such. Now, with all the box stores promoting Paint-and-primer in one, SW has sort of reluctantly jumped on that marketing bandwagon. It is still the same great SuperPaint you used before.......with the added marketing of being self-priming actually on the label now. To me, self-priming just means you DON'T need a primer if you're simply recoating a wall that already has a sound surface and is coated with a similar paint sheen, etc. As us pros know all to well you will always need a PRIMER if you have uncoated drywall, glossy surfaces, bare wood, etc.

user1007 11-12-2012 12:35 PM

Lots of paints are self-priming to a point. Claiming such is different than suggesting they are paint and primer in one though. If a special primer were needed under a self-priming paint the can will be bold about stating so. I've never seen a self-priming paint claiming to be paint and primer in one. I know it is semantics I suppose.

Most floor paints, for example, are self-priming and you gain nothing by putting a typical interior primer under them. If you are painting nicely prepped previously painted walls, you can use Superpaint without a primer coat. You would be well advised to seal new drywall and drywall patches with a specific primer for the purpose though.

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