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ka4vye 07-13-2006 11:14 AM

sheetrock repair
my house has the "popcorn" sheetrock on the ceiling. NOT the "stiple" ceiling, but what seems to have been sprayed on. I can not paint it, it comes off, very easy. How do I repair this ceiling? How do I paint over it? Thanks, SSS

slickshift 07-13-2006 12:33 PM

How easily is it coming off?
It may be easier to scrape the rest off than paint it
But each case is different

Some can carefully be painted
Some can carefully be painted with oil (rather than latex-less likely to pull it down)
Some can be spray painted but not roller painted (less likely to pull it down)

Some no matter what you do it just kind of comes off
These are best scraped clean, sanded, then primed
Any leftover bumps skim coated with joint compound
Sanded and any repair spots with raw joint compound primed again
Then painted

How old it is, how well it was put up (prep that was taken), if and/or how many times it was painted...all these things can affect the situation and how to deal with it

If it seems like there's a lot of ifs and maybes, there are
Even the pros will have no guarantees when it comes to old popcorn

SgtBaldy 07-18-2006 05:09 PM

If it comes off that easy now then take it all off. If you paint it now it will be that much harder to do it next time.
If you absolutely love popcorn still scrape it off and have it replaced with new popcorn with some of the newer bonding agent additive they have now for texture.But then who really loves popcorn?

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