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Saving a paint brush

My wife used a $12 paint brush for a project of hers, didn't clean the brush and now it completely rigid. She used a latex paint, is there any way to save the brush without having to reinvest in another? The brush has nylon bristles.


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I would put the brush in water up to the ferule for a day or two and see what happens. It is toast as a good cutting brush, but you may be able to rehabilitate for use as a dust brush.


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Been there done that. Get yourself a pail, add some warm water and add some dish soap in it. Next thread a coat hanger wire through the hole in the handle of the paintbrush and lay the coat hanger wire across the mouth of the pail so the paintbrush is suspended in the soapy water. The liquid should cover the brush bristles while the coat hanger prevents the bristles from touching the bottom of the pail. Leave the hardened brush to soak for at least 30 minutes then remove the brush from the soapy water. Run the brush under warm water in a sink and clean out the paint by spreading the bristles apart with your fingers then comb out the excess paint over the sink using a wire paint comb. Rinse the brush under the tap until water runs clear, shake out any excess water and hang the brush up to dry.

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To cut to the chase Justin, the brush is toast. I'll split the difference between Epson and Windows. Epson, if sudsy water was an effective solvent, my painter whites would be white, not latex paint spattered. And windows is correct that it may be slavageable as a duster, or a primer brush at most. To effectively remove dried latex paint would require a solvent like brush cleaner or denatured alcohol, which will run about 10 bucks a quart, and then at least a half hour or more of your time. And even then, there will still be residual paint inside the bristles which will dislodge as your working and deposit in your finish. Trust me, I've tried this many times in many ways, and I finally realized it was costing me more to restore a brush, that was never fully restored, than it was to buy a new one. It's simple economics. I occassionally find one that sat out overnight, it usually goes right in the trash.
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It's done.......there are lots of brush rehab liquid formulas out there, but, in the end, they not only remove the dried paint, they destroy the bristles. Lesson learned.
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50-50 mix of ammonia and water. Immerse just up to the ferrule. allow to soak overnite. wash with warm water and dish liquid. see what ya got. I've everything from good luck to no luck but you haven't anything to loose at this point.
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It's toast. Even with brush cleaner they never really come back to normal.
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Originally Posted by Matthewt1970 View Post
It's toast. Even with brush cleaner they never really come back to normal.

I don't know about "toast"( I like toast) but as a paint brush it is worthless
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Good thing it was a cheap brush to begin with.
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You can save it. Use it to baste a turkey for your in-laws next Thanksgiving.


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