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moneymgmt 05-05-2008 08:40 AM

Sanding drywall after painting... argh!
Yes, that's right; I say paint everything except this one wall, and they decide they didn't see why not, so they painted it anyhow. There is a horizontal drywall seam half way up the wall that hadn't been finished quite right so it needed another coat of compound and a good sanding. Now its been painted over and I'm trying to sand it which just ins't working. I can't leave this one seam unsanded, it looks absolutely terrible! Any words of advice?

slickshift 05-05-2008 07:21 PM

Skim over with joint compound
Use a wide blade and try to at least "smooth out" the lumps
The repair areas will be higher than they would have been, but at least the over all appearance could get smoother

Sir MixAlot 05-05-2008 07:36 PM

What grit sand paper are you using?

moneymgmt 05-06-2008 07:25 AM

I'm using the medium grit pads. I tried 100 grit paper but it got jammed up with paint pretty quick and I didn't want to push so hard that it left gouges in the mud. I didn't think about mudding over the top of it and sanding from there; I'll try that, guess it can't hurt! Thanks all!

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