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oscarMadison 02-23-2009 10:30 PM

runs and sanding
Before I move into the house I bought I want to paint. Whoever painted it last time didn't do a great job. The paint looks like it was just slapped on. I have found some runs and drips. It is not peeling or anything except in the kitchen, just the runs. Since they were careless, I'm guessing in the kitchen they didn't clean the walls. There I was planning on scraping the peeling areas, priming/sealing, patching, sanding then painting

In the other rooms I was thinking as part of the prep I would sand the the runs down. Is this sanding the runs and drips the right plan? And if so should I go ahead and sand all the walls and what grit to use? Forgot, latex paint, all white, which will be replaced with colors.

Bob Mariani 02-24-2009 05:46 AM

Use a drywall 6" knife to knock down these drips and loose paint. Or a paint scraper. Sand the walls with 180 grit drywall sandpaper on a sanding pole. Clean with water and TSP. Let dry. Paint..

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