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sgsnow 06-16-2010 10:43 AM

rotted wood window in bathroom
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I live in a building in New York city run by a slumlord. The bathroom defies belief (you want to talk mildew?), and my wife's mental state has suffered greatly. She cries. You can imagine.

I'll focus on the bathroom window, so as not to overwhelm you (or me).

The window frame and sill in the bathroom is wood. (See picture.) It is right next to the shower, which has soaked the window for several generations of tenants. There were about fifty years worth of nails, screws, brackets, etc. in the window, covered with about a half-inch of paint. Pulled them all up (yay me! Trying not to think about how much lead paint I've ingested). Huge holes resulted. No problem. I will use oil-based spackle, fill the holes, and cover the whole thing in oil-based paint. That should take care of shower spray, I'm thinking.

Here's the :censored: The sill of the window has (or should have) long ceramic tiles covering it. The tiles were loose, so I pulled them up. Soaking wood underneath. Totally, completely, soaking, as in: you touch it with your finger, and water comes up. First half inch of wood came right up with scraper, totally rotted by the water.

This is my plan. Tell me what you think:

I've got the fan trained on the sill, and hoping it dries in a few days (no showers for my wife?). After that, I'll soak it with oil-based paint. Then put the tiles back on (not too sure how to do this--but I know I need a solid dry base).

What should I keep in mind here? Are there any products I can use without a respirator? I don't want to die from cancer, even to keep my wife from crying.


chrisn 06-16-2010 05:58 PM

you would be much better off replacing the sill, you will never get it dry enough for paint to stick, let alone tile.

Matthewt1970 06-18-2010 01:27 PM

I agree. I would probably use pressure treated. As you have seen, water will get behind tile.

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