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gmhut 03-08-2010 06:32 PM

Roller advice/Surface Issues?
I spent quite some time repairing walls in my 40 year old townhouse. I wet sanded the years of paint build up down to a relatively smooth surface. I patched nail pops, dings, scratches etc. with joint compound I sanded to what felt and looked like perfectly blended patches. I'm priming all the walls (thicker stain covering "premium" primer from HD). I switched to the thicker primer hoping it would do better than the regular primer I started with (Benjamin Moor).

The problem is, even though I thought I got the patches perfectly smooth and seamlessly feathered at the edge, they are showing through the primer. The patches take the primer a little differently texture-wise but match the rest of the wall better with second and third coat, but worse, the edges of patches have noticeably raised borders that are very visible in areas where light shines across the surface of the wall, even after a few coats. I'm hoping that after putting several coats of primer, I can sand the surface and the borders of the patches will even out, and one more coat of primer after that will smooth it all to a uniform surface.

If there is another approach I should take, or advice you care to offer, I'd be grateful.

Also, I'm looking for recommendation for roller brand. I've tried (Purddy—spelling? from HD, their "best" brand, ) and another brand ("high-end" price, can't remember the brand name) from local mom and pop hardware store, both semi-smooth to smooth. The nap in both separated around the roller in a barber poll pattern which makes it very hard to get an even coat. I kept the roller loaded, but not gloppy. Any advice for specific roller brand/product name would be great.



chrisn 03-09-2010 04:24 AM

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here is what I find the best.

user1007 03-09-2010 04:27 AM

And 3/8" nap at the very minimum. I use 1/2" for most flat walls and on up from there depending on texture. Scares me to here you are using HD primer. You will be sorry!

gmhut 03-09-2010 06:57 AM

Could you please recommend a good primer?

Big N8 03-09-2010 11:55 AM

Here is a good primer.

chrisn 03-09-2010 05:24 PM

Just about ANY primer from a real paint store will be better than what you will get at hd

ccarlisle 03-10-2010 08:32 AM

Well, using a portable light to shine at a wall, at a very acute angle, is going to show up any imperfections and under-sanded patches you made in the fact, that's a quality test many painters use to make sure the wall they are sanding is indeed flat. So, if you see bumps where you applied joint compound, you know you have a sanding issue.

Then you say you applied a number of coats of primer and still see the bumps and patches...OK, but please remember that primer will not make them go away - even visually. Primers are not meant to hide them - only make the next layer of paint you put on stick better and even out the texture of the old paint/new paint/ joint compound/patches with each other, making the surface uniform. The mineral fillers (like titanium or zinc oxides, and calcium carbonate) in every primer are meant to fill in the microscopic holes that every kind of surface product, like old paint and compound, has. And that has nothing to do with colour.

So, since priming won't get rid of the patches, we're back to sanding. And that goes back to how well you applied the compound and how well you feathered it out, so it becomes invisible. That takes practice. But even if you just throw plaster on the walls, most compounds are sandable, so again we're back to sanding.

Maybe you're not using the right sandpapaer, or a proper sanding block on a pole like most painters seem to use. Doing it up close with a small hand-held 99-cent sanding block may not be on a large enough scale to get the job done...

I reckon that, once properly smooth, you shouldn't need more than one coat of a good primer. It remains to be seen if a good primer would do better than a cheaper primer - and I haven't enough experience to tell me one way or the other although I have had real good experiences with both.

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