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joefromcal 05-20-2009 04:19 PM

repairing large cracks in paint
I'm planning on painting my hallway. The paint is old and up near the ceiling it had large pieces peeling away (some of them 3 inches long). Not knowing how old the paint is I didn't want to sand it so I got up there with a utility razor blade and cut out all the peeling paint. The paint peeling I took down is thick and the newly exposed openings in the wall are a textured surface. It doesn't look like paint so possibly it's the textured drywall that has now been exposed in these places. If I paint the wall without raising the level of these openings, then these openings will show through. Should I use spackle or joint compound to fill in these lower areas? I've read in some places that "spackle is for repairing small dings and nail holes" but I wasn't sure if joint compound was the way to go either. If anyone has any advice on which of these two I should use, or any other suggestions, it would be much appreciated. Btw, the paint is flat and looks like latex, if that makes any difference. Thanks :confused1:

Matthewt1970 05-20-2009 06:19 PM

I sounds like someone skim-coated a textured wall. Joint Compound will be fine to level the spots. Apply 2-3 coats as it will shink some when it dries. Then prime it if you can before painting.

joefromcal 05-20-2009 10:05 PM

skim coat
Hello Matthew, thanks for the info. I read your reply and from what I've seen on the net a skim coat is when someone applies a layer of something (joint compound, for example) over a textured surface to smoothen it down. Funny thing is is that my exterior coat also has texture, tho finer. All of the cracks that were in my hallway were up near the ceiling. I assume cause warm air rises and can do more damage? If I give it 2 new coats of paint will that help stabilize my exterior skim coat? Or, is there a chance that I'll start getting more cracks as time goes by? I've never painted the hallway and I've had this house for almost 21 years so the paint is old. thanks

sirwired 05-21-2009 09:08 AM

I think you might need to post pics... I'm having a hard time picturing your problem.

As far as the huge chips you have removed... yes, j/c is the way to go, along with at least an 8" joint knife.


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