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saggdevil 07-03-2009 11:38 PM

Repair Compounds
Curious about the different ready-mix compounds. I've used regular joint compound for drywall repairs and DAP Plaster Repair for plaster walls and some spackle for small nail holes. All has worked well, but just curious about their differences. I've used joint compound on some of the plaster repairs and wondering if it will hold as well as the plaster repair. Also, since spackle fills the nail holes wouldn't it fill the cracks as well (less sanding involved vs joint compound or plaster repair). Then there is the "lightweight" spackle, lol. So just what is the difference in all this stuff other than the weight....a 32oz tub of plaster repair is the same size container as a 3lb tub of joint compound. Chris suggested I use the Easy Sand 90 on bare plaster to "seal" the cracks and it worked well, but I would never have known to use a "setting" compound. I understand it's to seal the bare plaster and provide a moisture barrier. For the second round of mud I used the plaster repair - worked good also. But just curious about some of the ready-mixes. I'm on my 5th room now and have 7 more to do so thought I'd take time to ask about this to make sure I'm using the right stuff in each room. Hope that makes sense, lol.:). Oh my, these inquisitive minds sure ask a lot of questions, huh.

chrisn 07-04-2009 05:25 AM

Most any of that stuff is going to get the job done,except the light weight kind,that is for nail holes only. It mostly depends on how much time you have to let it dry. I almost always do my patching with ready mix out of the3- 5 gal tub, the newer easy sand kind that does not go all over the house but falls straight down( mostly), and let it dry over night.The easy sand 5, 20,45,90 that you have to mix drys faster and is better for the larger repairs. I think that is it,I am not an expert at drywall stuff but have to use it every day almost, so that's what I do.Now,I wish someone would actually have questions about HANGING wall paper:whistling2:

saggdevil 07-04-2009 08:10 AM

Well Chris....after stripping the last room I said to myself never again....
However, wallpaper is really beautiful when done right. I may possibly paper a focal wall in each room later, not sure yet, but will definitely be asking tons of questions then, lol. I have only papered one small bathroom years ago and probably did the prep wrong, lol. Paper still smooth with two coats of paint on it, lol. Not sure if I used primer and sizing....sure hope so or I'll be screaming. :yes: Actually, not sure of the difference between the two or if necessary to use both, lol.

Lilbitofnc 04-25-2010 03:02 PM

This is actually a question. I have had large holes drilled on my apartment wall for hanging tv bracket but my cousin and his friend who did the job had to go trial and error so the wall ended up with numerous holes that are big for the big bracket screws. I would like to put down the tv and repair the wall. What materials would I need for repairing the holes? What do you call that mesh and potting? But they are noticeable on the wall. What can i use that would make the repairs unnoticeable?

Another question. I would like to remove the curtain rods that the apartment came with and hang new ones. What inexpensive, lightweight and yet powerful drill which preferably can also remove existing screws on concrete? Am approx. 92lb female and a 2.2 lb tool would still be heavy for me, but if there isn't anything out there that is lighter and powerful...

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