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sugerman 02-05-2011 11:18 AM

Repainting Moldy Outdoor Chairs
We have wooden porch chairs that were supposed to be painted with outdoor paint but they have succumbed to some sort of mold. To repaint these would I have to sand/strip all of the existing paint & mold off? Is there a way to just prime the chairs and then paint over it all without fear of bleeding?

Images of chairs:

Note: I've tried removing the mold with every means I could think of (cleaners, bleaches, etc). It only comes off with severe abrasion to the point where the paint is coming off with it.

ltd 02-05-2011 01:02 PM

i know you said you cleaned them .probably all mould and mildew are gone what your seeing is the stains left behind .but for the fun of it clean them again .yea right .spray mould cleaner let sit then adgatate with a scrub brush. rinse with some pressure ,let dry completely .now check to see if existing finish is oil or latex if oil use zinsser cover stain oil primer if its latex use a exterior stain blocking latex primer then top coat with a exterior semigloss latex paint on that has a mildewcide in it .is .you dont have to sand old paint off just lightly sand

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