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Doug Crf 04-10-2006 03:03 PM

Removing popcorn from ceiling?
I already did two bedroom ceilings and they turned out really good,I did an orange peal texture.I do not know how good the surface has to be preped before spraying on the texture so I think I might of went over board just to make sure it turned out good.
I am wondering how good the pro's prep befor they texture?
I had dust every where from sanding.First I scraped the popcorn and then I went around and scpaped the little bit's that were still on there barley noticeable and then I filled in the nail dimples with joint compound and then sanded and then primed befor textureing.
Pretty messy that job is.I have had friends pay to have this done and the people came in and done the whole house in a day.Now are they prepping it like I did or what?
I Am wondering if the sanding and primming are both nesesary.
I would hate to not do it and then the texture come down by it's self.

I am wondering this becouse I am getting ready to do our living room
and it is big and I will be doing it my self.

Dale 04-11-2006 08:58 AM

Preping an already textured surface
Hi Doug
As texture is waterbased, whenever you apply it to the ceiling/wall it will always shrink back slightly once it has dried out, so what ever is underneath may show to a certain extent

In the UK we do many texture patterns whereas a texturing comb is drawn through the applied texture to create a pattern, for this the surface must be as flat as possible so as not to show any discrepanceis underneath once the finished texture has dreid out

When a rough/heavy pattern like a broken leather (a sponge or stipple brush in a taught polythene bag) is created and then this is caulked out a little later before the texture dries solid (flattened slightly to produce an anaglyptic effect) a rougher surface beneath could be an enhancement

But the texture on your ceiling will probably be porous unless it has been painted a few times with silk (shiny) emulsion so depending on what pattern you will attempt it will be best to scrape off the high/rough points,
then seal this with a waterbased sealer whereas you will have to mix water with (as for porous surfaces), then depending on if you need a very flat surface to re-texture your pattern use texture or drywall to flatten the ceiling

It is important to seal with a watered down solution of sealer as this will prevent the new texture coating from drying onto the surface quickly, thus helping the new texture coating to bonding to the old

Give your final preped ceilling a few coats of this sealer before attempting to re-texture and also make sure that you do the job when the room is cold as warm air could dry the texture too quickly

It is wise to wear a dust mask as you know

I hope that this helps Doug and please let me know how you get on


lxdollarsxl 04-16-2006 12:57 PM

Just a thought are you in the Uk or USA? I know that in the US some - not all houses that were built in the 1960's that had popcorn ceilings applied, also had granuals of Asbestos in them. - if this is the case then scraping and sanding could be quite hazardous to you, and would be better left to a professional who is qualified for the removal of such material. I believe also most areas in the states have the facility to check a small amount of the popcorn and advise you if this is the case. Better to be safe than sorry.

Dale 04-17-2006 08:21 AM

Hi, Ixdollarsxl
Thanks for pointing out "asbestos" in texture coating, applied during the 1960s, this does apply here in the UK also, although it is banned in texture and building making procedures nowadays for a number of years it is still classed as a hazard where older builing materials are concerned.

Whilst removing this older substance from the surface it is best not to "dry scrape" but to possibly soften it first with steam, then gently scrape off, this will prevent asbestos particles being released into the air, this is why I advised wearing a dust mask at the end of my reply to Doug.

I don't know the laws and procedures in the States but please if your not sure about your surface contact a specialist for more advice.

Thanks again

lxdollarsxl 04-17-2006 06:09 PM

Well laws about asbestos are pretty much the same as in UK, and should really be removed by a specialist. I also noted you did say about a mask, but even then if it were dry scraped you would be liable to get it into clothing etc and still breath in when mask was removed.:) I wasnt trying to be picky and your advice was excellent.:D

thewallcoatingsguy 05-22-2006 08:23 AM

Article someone posted on my site about this...........
Hi, a while ago someone posted an article on my website

about removing popcorn textures. If you are interested, click the url below to take a look.

good luck.

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