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n0_oNe 03-17-2012 11:57 PM

removing paint then staining moulding
I'm going to be using some casing moulding for a framing of a home-made whiteboard of sorts.

I went to home depot today and found some nice casing moulding I liked. However, it was roughly $1.16 a foot. So the total would run me about $35. This is much more than I wanted to spend on the moulding.

However, I found

This is the same exact moulding for roughly 10 bucks. The only issue is that it is pre-primmed. I would like the frame to be stained.......

So I ask, is it possible to strip the primmer off this moulding and simply stain it. I would assume buy a stripper, take off primer, then stain, then poly the moulding.

I would appreciate any help or suggestions. Im not totally sure if this wood is "good enough" to be stained after stripping the primmer and such.


jsheridan 03-18-2012 04:46 AM

Hi no0ne, please re-read your post carefully. What you're asking is if it would make more sense to buy $10 worth of molding, then spend $10-15 on stripper and hours and hours of your time stripping molding, all in an attempt to avoid spending $35 initially.
Pretending that you've seen the folly, I'll go right to the answer. $10 pre-primed lumber is not going to be stain grade. Assuming you could strip, you'll have less than ideal conditions for staining because the primer has penetrated the grain, which will require to heavy sanding to cut down. Choose a number one grade molding (stain grade) unprimed, splurge, then buy your stain and proceed with your project. Work smart. If you buy pine, you'll need a pre-stain conditioner to achieve a uniform finish.

user1007 03-18-2012 08:19 AM

How big is your white board? Perhaps you can find a huge butt ugly picture at a thrift shop or closeout store, pull it from its frame, throw it away, and use the molding around it?

As mentioned, trying to strip cheap pre-primed pine is fools errand.

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