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ulbass 03-12-2009 11:44 AM

Removing latex paint from wood trim
My fiance and I just finished painting the interior of the house we bought and have just moved in. Our next project is cleaning up the paint (or lack of) around the trim.

There's a few spots where the paint bled through the tape; a few places where there was maybe an accident and he hit the trim and didn't see it or wipe it up; and a few spots where the tape took off the new paint. There's also some spots where the prior owners paint had bled on to the trim and they never cleaned it up; lots of blue on white trim and we just painted a caramel a tan pallet; so that shows through some.

1. What is the best way to remove the unwanted paint from the trim? Half our house has stained trim; the other has white.

2. I assume to touch up where we tore the paint off with the tape is to take a small brush (from a hobby store) and simply cut in where it's needed with the appropriate color.

3. As for the white trim where paint bled through, can we paint over those areas; or is there a better approach? I'm thinking we'll paint the trim down the road anyway to give it a fresher, cleaner appearance.

Right now, I feel as if our home looks like we painted it ourself; I would like to give it the appearance that it was professionaly done; or as close to that as possible. I'm a perfectionist with all my projects; spend a little extra time and do it right; rather than rush through it and risk mistakes.

Any help and advice is appreciated; thanks!

Matthewt1970 03-12-2009 01:19 PM

If the paint is still new then maybe you can get a lot of it off with a light scraping. Goof-Off is a great Latex Paint remover but it will take the old white off the trim as well, so stick with using it on the stained trim. Start with an inconspicuous spot as there is a chance you may have latex poly on the stained trim and Goof-Off will dissolve anything latex.

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