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Refinishing a Deck... Stain or Paint?

Alright home improvement gurus..

I am currently removing the paint off of my very old deck.. I was able to get quite a bit off with chemical stripper and I am now sanding the remaining off with a 50grit orbital sander. I'd like to stain the desk, but I am worried about the condition of the wood. Pics below. Would paint be a better option? Also, I plan to replace the deck in about 5 years.




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I would never paint a deck. Solid Stain is probably your best bet here. Looks like there is enough paint left in places to make a semi-transparent coating look less than good. Solid stain will cover it and work better for a deck than paint will.


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Hey revobasher, Looks like you have made some good progress so far.
And like someone else had said, unless there is a good deal of paint left behind you can use a solid stain which not only doesn’t require a primer but penetrates the wood and wont hide as much grain texture as a paint will. Although if you were to leave a lot of the old paint behind in areas where you will be applying your stain it will not be able to penetrate and will sooner than later peel and flake off.
What type of chemical stripper did you use? And did you follow it with any type of scrubber or deck brush to clean the pores off all old paint? Reason I ask is it seems like you may have been using a weaker stripper because it shouldn’t have left such large patches of paint behind.
I personally suggest you pick up some Kleen strip in the red can (or equivalent) and give it a quick once over and it shouldn’t give you any trouble removing the rest of your old paint. Once this is done sanding is a great idea but, following a stripper with a deck stain wood prep like behr’s 2-in-1 wood prep will not only kill and remove any old mold or mildew stains but removes tannins and opens the pores to accept a fresh coat of stain.

Once you have got it to the point where your happy with how clean it looks (should look like brand new wood) you can even go with a semi transparent, to a transparent stain. Well best of luck and all of these products can be found at your local Home Depot.
If you have any questions about how these products work or how to apply them ask anyone here and we should be able to help.
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Thanks guys.. I used a couple different strippers.. one was Zinsser from Menards and another was BIX from Shermin Williams.. Neither worked as well as I had hoped. I am a bit surprised two gallons didn't do the job. I tried applying via brush and spray. I also have a 2300psi pressure washer which has helped. A lot of the paint was already gone to do age and foot traffic.

I am having the most luck removing the paint with my orbital and the 50grit. I am going to continue that route. I am a bit surprised how nice the wood actually looks after sanding! Should I go back over it with 100grit once paint is gone?

Ok, solid stain it is. Is any other prep required before stain once I get the paint removed and wood sanded? Maybe a brightener first?
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Try this...

Looks like you put your heart and soul into this one.

The deck floor and steps are definitely areas that you want to give TLC to. The posts and rails on the other hand will hold up a lot better (not as much weathering).

...poppameth was right in suggesting a high quality solid stain. Spare no expense with the product you choose - it will pay off down the road with not having to go through all this back breaking trouble again.

Check out a new product called DECK RESTORE for the steps and floor area. It fills in all those open cracks, nail holes, and knot holes in the old wood (because of how thick it is) and has a hefty anti slip texture as well.

I have been using the product since 2009 when they first came out with it, and was sold my on first time.

Hope this helps.
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Yeah.. I literally spent ALL day yesterday and that's as far as I got. I enjoy doing it though so I do not mind the effort.

I will pickup some Deck Restore once I am done sanding and will apply before I stain. What stain brand do you guys recommend? I have Lowes, HD, Shermin Williams and Menards right by me.


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