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re-stucco job - Paint Question

My house is 3.5 yrs old and the second floor stucco cracks hundreds of lines. There are some parts that bumped out (swell up). some are big cracks as well. I talked to the builder and they agreed to restuco it, but I have to do a paint job myself.
Anything do I need to be be aware of when restucco? will it crack interior wall corners? will nails in the particle board get loose? anything else?

How often do you paint your exterior? my builder told me it is 3-5 yrs, so the refused to paint the house after restucco, they said 3.5 yrs is too long and I need to paint it.

again, please give me some advice and anything to aware when they take down the old stucco and put up new one.....thanks so much.


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Why do you need to paint it after they are done? Are they not using a color coat of stucco?

Usually you have a dash coat, and then a color coat of stucco. There is a variety of stucco colors.


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I don't think they are using color stucco....they usually use gray cement base color.
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why the cracking?
I would check to see if water got behind there.
And coloured stucco should not be an extra cost. It comes pre-coloured in the bag.
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weather it be colored stucco or painting that would ve the least of my concerns.Stucco cracks for a reason ie... water is getting behind it ,or lath was not installed proper,or even poor mixture so find out what the problem is so another 3years down the road your not face with this problem and no one to come in and fix it for free

if you want to save your self the trouble of painting pay the little extra to have the stocco they use tinted to match
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If there's water behind thissection, the area needs to be opened up to see what's going on. Was this a stucco over foam job?
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winnipeg drywall and stucoo

the reason you have hundreds of cracks and the stucco is bulging from the wall is becuse the stucco was and is painted,
evertime you paint the stucco on the home, it seals the stucco , and doesn't allow it to breath, the stucco need to breath in order to evaporate any moisture, by sealing the stucco it stops moisture from comming through the wall, until you get stress cracks , cause by shifting of the home, one the stress cracks open up in about a year, or 2 years if it an elestimaric coating, the moisture will seap into those cracks and stay inside the wall, causing the wood lath, or wood sheathing to get saterated, then rott, once the wood sheathing, or wood lath is rotten , the stucco will baulge from the wall, by re-stuccoing the exterior, you are just covering a problem that will come back, but when it does you will see that all the money you spen on a re-stucco was a waist.
the best thing you can do is to remove the existing stucco, repair any damaged wood, then re apply new stucco , with the color embeded into the cement, and color does cost more because it is added to the mix, not to the bags.
any questions about stucco , or drywall ,


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