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I've never used a stripper on MY deck, but we've been the only owners.

It's a 17y/o Construction-heart Redwood deck.
West-side...NO shade after 11am.
Fargo, ND location.
Temps range from sometimes -25 to 100. Summer dew-points/humidity all over the map...

* I've sanded my deck floor twice in that time-frame.
* Vibrating flat-plate sander, backer-pads, and 60-grit paper ONLY.
* Stainless-steel screws still look like the day they went in.
* I've taken my 9 steps (18 Redwood 2x6's) off 3 times & sanded them.

* Boards STILL look almost new.
* ALL surface/degraded wood is GONE...instead of "stripped-and-clean-but-still-compressed" wood.
* ZERO chemicals used, other than a quick cleaning with DEKSWOOD.
* When dry enough, sand away!
* Sweep and vacuum off dust, then wipe-down with paint-thinner.
* 15 minutes later you're staining!
* You're LITERALLY back to a new deck-floor now.

With this kind of prep, the stain used doesn't matter all that much.
I'll only use Sikkens Oil SRD though.

Last summer, I took off the handrails, sanded-'em, and put 2 coats of Sikkens DEK-Finish #045 Mahogany on them. DAMN they look sweet!



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Faron, You have been lucky to use the same product year after year but unfortunately the poster has a real problem BEHR ACRYLIC It can not be treated with sanding as the Crap gets into the pores and will not release without stripping. Sikkens can be a real problem if you go pas the 18 month time frame and fails. Sounds like you have been taught well by a SIkkens Rep. who stressed maintaining. Customers do not listen and think "Oh I'll do it next year." Do you use a planer on your steps?
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I don't think its reasonable to assume the OP is going to be able to easily strip solid behr acrylic off 500+ square feet of decking. Although that would be ideal it doesn't sound like he's dying to even have a semi transparent. We strip solids when necessary but sodium hydroxide needs boosters and extended dwell time to touch an acrylic. The strippers in most stores are too weak. The dyes in that Behr will also be tricky in the knots.
Charlie Soden
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Hey CR!

* I do work at a store that has sold Sikkens & Penofin for many years now.
* Even before I worked there (a decade ago now!), I had sanded my deck floor.
* Yes, Sikkens is more direct than some in recommending sanding as a prep choice. I've blended their advice with my own experiences/experimenting.
* I've obviously done it to my OWN deck, since I'm pretty-damn fussy! The Redwood I have just isn't available anymore.
* When clientele come in & ask questions about prep/etc., You'll ALWAYS hear the same 5 questions from me:

1) How old is the deck...
2) Has it ever been sanded?
3) What's on it now?
4) How high off the ground is it?
5) What side of the house?

Peoples expectations, priorities, & abilities vary of course, so I tailor my advice accordingly.

You may (??) recall from another forum, that the 1st time I "re-habbed" my steps was before I entered the Paints-and-Stains world!
* The steps had gotten VERY ridged in the center third.
* In retrospect, NO amount of stripping/neutralizing/etc. would've helped that issue!!!
* they came, & I hauled my 18 Redwood 2x6's to a furniture-rest. shop, and asked them to plane-'em down until the ridging was gone. They had to take 1/8" off!
* Since planing "glazes/seals-off" the surface, I re-sanded them lightly with 80-grit to enable stain-penetration.
* Re-stained them/re-installed. WOW! They looked better than when it was built!

I have posted pics on a Gardenweb forum...

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Some pics I posted are on this thread at Garenweb:

(note the other posts too though!)

I've had many customers come back over the years & thank me for stressing sanding! When I first mention for certain situations, people seem incredulous! I sometimes hear this...."My neighbor said sanding was bad for a deck...?!"

WTF....IT'S WOOD for g*d's sake!!!



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deck cleaning , deck maintenance , deck staining

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