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ERIK2173 02-28-2006 08:22 AM

Re-painting over fresh first?
I am finishing up a bathroom remodleing project and am doing the painting. I listened to everyone here and went with a good quality paint, Benjamin Moore, unfortunately I also listened to my wife when she picked out the color. Right now the bathroom is a fairly bright yellow. We are re-painting to a blue, if the paint is only about a week old do you think I would need to re-prime the paint? The blue is darker than the yellow and both the paints are the Benjamin Moore's Pearl finish. One of guys at the paint shop said the blue may turn out pink if I don't prime first, but he is the one guy there who always trys to sell me more than I need. This is in a bathroom so my biggest worry is adhesion but I thought since it is the same type of paint it probably would just be like putting on additional coats.
Thanks in advance...

slickshift 02-28-2006 09:10 AM

Dark blue is tough but even then there's no way I would prime week old quality paint that's adhering fine
If I needed three coats of Admiral Blue to make it look right, then I'd need three coats, white or yellow underneath wouldn't matter

Short Answer:
No way
No need to prime
Two coats of quality blue paint should cover

Blue over yellow would be green not pink
That guy is two for two on this one

ERIK2173 02-28-2006 11:01 AM

I'm no expert color wise, but I couldn't figure out why blue + yellow could equal pink. He did say that if I didn't want to prime he would at least lightly sand the paint to get rid of the sheen of the paint. Of course he had the sanding supplies he would recommend right there. It's a shame too because everyone else I've dealt with at that store has been a pleasure to work with.
But to me if I'm painting over fresh paint with the same type of paint I couldn't see why I should re-prime, or sand.

thanks for the advise.

slickshift 02-28-2006 12:01 PM


Originally Posted by ERIK2173
...He did say that if I didn't want to prime he would at least lightly sand the paint

Umm... I was wrong

Originally Posted by slickshift
That guy is two for two on this one

That guy is out three for three on this one
Sanding is not needed
Pearl isn't even a semi-gloss
Couldn't hurt, but...
Well, anyway, maybe I'll put some things down in writing here

There is usually no reason to prime before a re-paint
Old, new, orange, or blue
If it's a color issue, if it's going to take two coats of something to make it work, in general you are better off with two color coats

You could make a case for extreme color changes and multi-colored surfaces or rooms
Repairs, stains, sealers, etc.
Paint type change, iffy or unkown surfaces
Possibly, if I had reason(s) to be concerned about adhesion on a high gloss surface in a tough environment, I might consider a primer (ie: bathroom that has a glossy paint on it now in questionable, or not ideal, condition or quality)

Although technically it may not be "needed" on flat sheen surfaces before re-painting, I always scuff sand (and recommend scuff sanding) any surface
It is a small step that always ensures better adhesion
This is especially important with glossy surfaces

Week old paint that's not at least semi- or high- gloss

So yes, I always recommend sanding before a repaint, but not on week-old Ben Moore Pearl

The prep work on this specific project was already done
It's just that you have a few more coats than usual, and the top coats are now a different color
Please paint away!

ERIK2173 02-28-2006 01:20 PM

I plan on painting tonight.
Once again thanks for all your help.


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