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jmluman 09-06-2011 09:54 PM

Questions on picking colors for our kitchen in a Victorian
We are renovating a Victorian house in Maine built in 1899.. We are picking colors for the kitchen and redoing the green and white walls with original wood trim that we had up for a year and got tired of.

Currently we are thinking of a summerhouse blue from Valspar for the bottom portion of the wall and a valspar Morningfrost blue for the top portion above the trim. The controversy is over the wooden trim portion of the wall. My friend who owns the house insists on a very light Valspar Summer Grey (which looks white to me) but I dont think this looks right on a trim. I was suggesting a darker charcoal or blue like the La Fonda Midnight by Valspar for a better contrast....

Check out the pictures.. I think this would match the darker textured walls they have in the rest of the kitchen better than the whitest grey but I might be wrong. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
The room in progress.. we are testing different colors

Above is the choice I prefer (excluding the green)

Above is the choice he prefers (excluding the green)

m1951mm 09-07-2011 04:42 AM

Color is such a personal choice. You should do what you think will look good. There are so many different camps when it comes to trim. Some like stained wood, some like white/cream, and others like some accent color and all those options will appeal to some and not others. Since it is your home, do what works for you:wink:.

user1007 09-07-2011 07:50 AM

Put your hands on a color wheel from the paint or art store (box stores will be clueless as to what one is) and inventory the colors you have before anything else. THEN explore color relationships. Color impact from Tiger is a great computer tool. It will set you back $40 if you decide to buy it but you can use it for 30 days. Not only will it allow you to define a color wheel, it will let you blend and shade tints and all. Truly amazing is its ability to wrap colors around the color wheel in its blend feature. And then you can come up with all kinds nice color combinations using the add noise feature.

Paint virtually first. Photograph your whole kitchen and go to the virtual painting programs at Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. Feed in your photo, mask it, and paint away.

You have come so far. Do not blow your progress buying box store paint like Valspar.

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