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Questions about painting and possibly adding siding to stucco house?

I am renovating a 50 year old house with a stucco exterior. I would like to paint the exterior a different color.

Some on-line research has left me confused. Some sites suggest you should not paint stucco. This seems to be a bit of a non-issue with me, since the stucco on my house is already painted a rather unappealing tan color.

My first question relates to lead paint. Given the age of the house, it is possible that the current paint, or some paint underneath is, is lead-based. I cannot think how painting a layer of non-lead-based paint can be a safety problem. If anything, it would seem to give my family an added layer of protection against any lead paint underneath. But, as I'm no expert, I'd like to hear if I'm missing something.

My second question relates to siding. I prefer the look of wood siding to stucco. However, I read that to do siding, I'd need to scrape off the stucco exterior. That raises at least two concerns - first, that certainly WOULD seem to create exposure risks if there is any layer of lead paint on the stucco. Second, it sounds like a task that is simply beyond what I'm ready to undertake. Painting a house seems pretty easy by comparison. However, if anyone thinks there is a pretty easy DIY fix to get siding on this house, I'd love to hear it.

My third question is, assuming siding is out, and I want to paint the stucco exterior, is there any need to remove prior layers of paint? Again, as noted above, I have concern that there might be lead paint layers underneath and I'd rather just paint over it. Stripping paint off stucco also sounds like a task that is beyond what I can undertake, as I've heard stucco is somewhat delicate and I'd worry not just about lead paint exposure, but also that I'd hurt the stucco. Any thoughts on this from some one who knows would be appreciated.

Finally (whew!) once we get all that out of the way, assuming I will NOT do siding, and I can paint over the existing paint, is there a good summary of how to paint a previously painted stucco exterior? I have read some competing stuff. One person suggests using strong water jets to be sure the stucco is clean, another person says that the stucco is so delicate you should use your garden hose only on fine mist to clean it prior to painting. One person suggests using a certain type of roller, another suggests a paint sprayer. Is there a good and reputable guide for this?




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Painting would be your best bet. Siding could be done over the stucco using cement clapboard siding. (hardi makes some) Painting requires the surface be clean. I use a power washer with a rotating brush and detergent. Then rinse with a 40 degree jet. Any loose stucco must be removed first. Paint with a quality (Benjamin Moore) exterior Latex paint. Paint with a larger nap roller unless you have professional spray equipment. (I spray most jobs but smaller ones are done with a roller)


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My California house was stucco with brick trim. I hated the look until I changed the colors.

As mentioned, clean it like you would any surface, deal with any problems that need repair, at least spot prime with a good primer and paint.

Turned out my house had nice stucco so powerwashing it was never an issue.

As for lead paint? You have to abate it as of this year if it breaks loose and gets near the environment.
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stucco exterior 2

Hey sorry i forgot to ad that any time i paint stucco I use a 3/4 inch nap, or a 1 inch nap, it's the only way to get in the nooks and crannies. It will take you way longer to paint if you don't get the large naps i just mentioned. Usually only a one coat process but if you rush and don't take your time left to right being thorough you may need 2. Use a big old paintbrush to do your inside courners and use a little old brush to cut into windows and doors and whatever else. I recommend a purdy brush since stucco is rouch, and they're very tough paintbrushes. Make sure you use LATEX PAINT. anything else will not stick well. And as far as cleaning your stucco, either spray it down with a hose assuming there's no holes in your walls and no water will sneak in. If you're not sure just use a scrubbrush and water on the bad spots. All in all latex paint covers ALMOST ANYTHING, i've painted over rust stains and algae stains and you'd never know it was there. you want to clean off like dirt and stuff like that, not stains. Chances are you probably don't need to clean it first.
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