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dandh 11-10-2012 01:15 PM

Question on Sherwin Williams paints
I had asked about primers to cover smoke smells a couple weeks ago, and so here's our update: we tore out all the carpets and it smells a LOT better. But there's still a lingering smoke smell, though we haven't had a chance yet to really open up the house and air it out yet. I've cleaned the walls some, though, and my sponges/rags aren't all that dirty, which surprised me. I just read about SW's 40% sale this weekend so I wanted to try and jump on that while I still can.

Is there a difference among paints in the SW line? What covers the best, needs fewest coats? (time is my priority now)

How about primers, again? Since I don't think I *need* the BIN, is the Zinsser smart prime the best way to go, or would SW have something better? Most of the house (including the ceilings!) is painted various dark shades of really glossy paint.

I'm really too tired to think straight, so the more you can dumb-it-down, the better. :laughing: Thanks!

Brushjockey 11-10-2012 01:35 PM

You are asking a bunch of questions with different answers each...

Smoke smell is best held back with Pigmented shellac. Bin is Zinssers, I think SW has one of there own.
Smart Prime ( or 123 plus - same thing- big box labeling I have learned) is pretty good at stains and doing some of the work an oil would, including adhesion ( which is what the glossy walls are about)
SW has a product made for adhesion I am sure- I am just not familiar enough to know it's name.
All primers are not as good at basic coverage to change colors as the finish paint. Different duties. The finish coat figure 2 coats- most quality paints can make just about any change in 2. Bright reds and yellows the big exception..

user1007 11-10-2012 03:53 PM

If you are not finding wads of orange gunk on your sponge when you have washed down the walls, perhaps the folks previously in the home blew all the smoke into the carpet. BIN is still the safest way to go if you are not sure. Otherwise hope for the best I guess. You do not need to be lectured but you know this is perhaps the one shot you are going to get at an empty home?

As mentioned, any real paint job requires two finish coats. Only consumers and diyers seek one coat coverage. The problem is a paint job needs a thickness of paint film left on the surface to provide any degree of colorfastness and washability. One coat cannot achieve this.

Of course SW has grades of paint but you should buy the best your budget will allow. I have heard there is a national sale on now for a couple days with some pretty decent discounts of retail approaching what I would have paid? Even if you do not know the colors you want. Go in and pre-purchase the paint at the price point!!!! and decide later.

If budget is a factor, and you just need nice paint on the walls for now, ask if they will give you the Promar200 contractor grade with the discounts. If they will, you will be way, way below any box store paint and still getting better paint. I have applied I suspect thousands of gallons of the stuff.

Get your supplies when 40 percent off too! Nice roller covers. A couple nice 2.5 inch angled sash brushes, etc. Roller pan? A roller cover handle that will grip? A decent roller extension handle? Nice, safe, Werner ladder at 40 off? Nice tarps.

And ask for a painters cap or even a teeshirt. You deserve both!

Canarywood1 11-10-2012 04:28 PM

"Get your supplies when 40 percent off too! Nice roller covers. A couple nice 2.5 inch angled sash brushes, etc. Roller pan? A roller cover handle that will grip? A decent roller extension handle? Nice, safe, Werner ladder at 40 off? Nice tarps."

Paint only is 40% off,supplies are 30% off,but still a good deal.

dandh 11-10-2012 07:51 PM

I was able to run in to SW tonight and the guy there said I could skip the primer and just use their "highest end" paint for a couple coats because it had primer in it...but I thought I had read somewhere that the primer/paint-in-one products aren't a good idea. Which is true? I also have a LOT of nail holes, strange bigger holes, etc., to fill in, so I assumed primer was necessary for those, too, (after filled in), but he said just the paint with primer would be fine.

I have a lot of nice painting supplies from the "pre-kids" era, but I do want to know how you know if a roller cover is good quality or not. It's been too long since I've done this and I've painted once before with covers that shed all over the walls, and then it doesn't matter how great your paint is, all your time is eaten up pulling little fuzzballs off the wall. So while money IS an issue, I'll pay more for nice rollers, if someone can recommend a specific brand to me! :thumbup:

I'll definitely ask about the Promar200 paint, that would great if they'd discount that as well! If they don't, is there a big difference between their "best" and their cheaper paints? Or is anything SW going to be better than say, Dutch Boy or Behr? Thanks!

Gymschu 11-10-2012 08:00 PM

DON'T SKIP THE PRIMER.........please, just don't do it. You will have adhesion problems especially if you paint directly over a glossy paint surface. Trust me, I've been doing this painting thing for 34 years. I have tried the shortcuts........they don't work! Coat that glossy paint with primer, preferably a bonding primer such as Zinsser's sticks to anything including glass! Then you can apply 2 coats of quality paint such as Promar 200 or SuperPaint. Why cut corners? Do it right and that paint job will last for years and years.

P.S. Forget Behr and Dutch Boy........those are two low end paints I would never recommend to anyone.

user1007 11-10-2012 08:08 PM


Originally Posted by Gymschu (Post 1049222)
DON'T SKIP THE PRIMER.........please, just don't do it.
P.S. Forget Behr and Dutch Boy........those are two low end paints I would never recommend to anyone.

Dutch Boy is Sherwin Williams excuse for a price competitive box store brand. It can be stacked up right against BEHRly paint at all, Valspar, and all other such ilk.

As tired as you are, you must prime. Or all your work and no matter what you paint with will come back to haunt you.

They are nonsense to start with but claims of primer and paint in the same can are not real. Magic fairies with lace wings will not apply paint either, even if the paint salesperson assures you they come in the can and all you have to do is click your sequen red pumps together and wish you were back, or ever in Kansas.

Two coats

dandh 11-10-2012 08:32 PM

Thanks for the primer reassurance...I didn't think it sounded right, but I have to admit, I was a tiny bit tempted. :whistling2:

And I've used Dutch Boy and hated it, I was really just throwing out some names to try and figure out the difference in the dauntingly long list of SW paint selections. I looked them up again online just now:

Emerald, Duration, Superpaint, Cashmere, Harmony, HGTV Home, Proclassic, Classic 99...Does it matter? I'll ask first and hope they'll discount the Promar200 suggested, but if not, I want to know exactly what I'm buying when I walk in tomorrow so I don't have to stand there with a screaming baby and crying toddlers and feel like a deer caught in the headlights trying to make yet another last-minute decision.

ToolSeeker 11-10-2012 08:32 PM

I think it is very sad to hear a quality paint co. trying to push this no primer needed crap. I have used enough SW to fill a swimming pool, but Ben Moore just started to look a whole bunch better. And as far as roller covers a good name brand like Purdy or Wooster.

KD PAINTING 11-10-2012 08:40 PM

Question on Sherwin Williams paints
Zinsser 123 primer will work great in this case and either SW or Ben Moore will do the trick. Keep in mind that if you do have heavy stains, regular 1-2-3 might not be able to cover. In that case you'll have to use 1-2-3 oil based for best results. Good Luck!

user1007 11-10-2012 09:58 PM

Remember Promar200 is the contractor grade. You should buy the best paint you can afford. And if with screaming kids tomorrow and on the verge of tears? Buy the equivalent of what you think you might want at the sale price and walk out with absolutely nothing but a slip of paper suggesting you bought x gallons. Believe me, in this sale thing going on, SW will be delighted. You pre-buy the paint and can actually take delivery when it is more calm. Unless you really need it all right away?

My Benjamin Moore dealer called me in during when of these frenzies. They asked if I could possibly do nothing but dump color formulas into cans and put them into the shakers. I do really well with specific instructions. They never said to put the lids on 90,000 gallons first. Seriously, it was a day none of us will remember if we dare forget. They still owe me for that day. I developed an uncommon respect for those I kind of took for granted mixing paint color for me and had but not seen under the kind of consumer pressure I saw that day. I was usually out the door by 7:30 am.

Gymschu 11-11-2012 11:18 AM

To me SW's SuperPaint is a great middle of the road workmanlike paint. Is it the best? No. Usually on sale you can get it for between $25 - $30. That's competitive with Valspar's higher end paint at Lowe's but so much better. It will give you years of service and won't bust your budget. Promar 200 is certainly a good choice as well.

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