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titan7 12-06-2011 12:44 AM

Question on painting walls different sheens
I have some other posts on the same project but they are a bit off point.

So my kitchen, family room and entry wall all share the same ceiling with no breaks. The family room and kitchen share walls also. So when we remodled the kitchen earlier this year we used a velet paint for the ceilings as I did not want a shiny line on the ceiling between kitchen and family room (did that before, looked like crap). So now I figured I should keep the same sheen on the walls downstairs to be consistent, except I went with Flat white on the dinning room/living room vaulted ceilingings.

So the quesion I have is I have the wall in the stairwall that ties the downstairs into the upstairs, should I stick with eggshell or can I go to flat or velvet sheen? I know I can do whatever I want but what's the best route here. I am concerned the I will create a shiny corridor in the stairwell with eggshell on the walls but because one of the walls going up the stairs ties into the downstairs I am not sure it will look good?

Sorry for the long post!

The entire downstairs is in eggshell, should the wall going up the stairwall be the same sheen? Excuse the mess, painting makes a mess! You can see in the photo I did cut in the line at the ceiling but did not paint until I decide on sheen.

chrisn 12-06-2011 03:20 AM

Either would be fine, you need to do whatever you think is best. Nobody else is going to notice.
I never put anything on a ceiling but flat( except kitchen and bathrooms) and have never noticed anything that looked like "crap"when the walls were not flat.

Brushjockey 12-06-2011 06:22 AM

Sheens get changed at breaking points (corners) as well as colors all the time.
just for info- BM's Regal and Aura come in a Matte finish that is washable like an egg- but lower sheen. It is my favorite overall paint for this reason.

user1007 12-07-2011 07:53 PM

Just remember that usually the higher the sheen the more defects or imperfections in the surface are likely to show. And glossier surface can reflect glare and things more. Not usually an issue in a kitchen or bath with cabinets breaking up the surface a bit. Can look strange if glossier finishes are applied to large walls. Satins and eggshells are a reasonable compromise.

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